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The latest on A1 and A2 milk from ABC

A1 and A2 milk articles continue to attract a lot of interest here on The Bovine. Here’s the latest on the subject — an ABC television program transcript from the April 7, 2010 edition of “The 7:30 report” dealing with the topic “Dairy Debate — claims that milk could make you sick”:

In this case ABC is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Cows’ milk has long been championed as a part of a healthy, nutritious diet. But could it also be a trigger for a long list of diseases like juvenile Diabetes, heart disease, Schizophrenia even Autism?

[Note: Read this story for some background on A1 and A2 milk.]

KERRY O’BRIEN, PRESENTER: For generations, cows’ milk has been championed as a healthy, nutritious part of the daily diet, but there are claims it could also be a trigger of for a long list of diseases like juvenile diabetes, heart disease, schizophrenia and even autism. It’s a debate that started in New Zealand more than a decade ago after some scientists claimed regular milk could be harmful. The theory goes that a protein in regular milk called A1 can make its way to the bloodstream, causing disease. But other experts say the science is dubious and the dairy industry warns that critics of regular milk are sending a dangerous message. Lisa Whitehead reports. Continue reading


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Scott Trautman and family — blazing a trail for raw milk in America’s Dairyland

Here’s an excerpt from a recent listing on Local Harvest, for the Trautman family dairy farm in Wisconsin. This is the farm of Scott Trautman, who has been in the news a lot lately over raw milk issues:

Love of cattle and farming runs in the Trautman family. In this picture, from Kimberly Hartke's blog, Scott's son happily hugs a young calf.

“There really are a lot of rules to follow in life.

If you operate a business with food of any sort, wow, an incredible amount.

What is the intention of these rules? Continue reading


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