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B.C.’s Minister of Healthy Living, Ida Chong, responds to media op-ed about “Home on the Range” raw milk case

Before we get to that letter to the editor from the B.C. minister, here’s an introduction from Gordon Watson:

Yes, minister -- Ida Chong, B.C. Minister of Healthy Living and Sport, addresses media during a news conference on September 28, 2009, to announce B.C.'s seasonal flu vaccine campaign as Dr. Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer, looks on. Both have also now been involved in the Home on the Range raw milk controversy. Photo from a B.C. government website. See link at bottom of post.

“Without even half trying, our little cowshare dairy just keeps on getting more high-profile media exposure. Most recently, a provincial Cabinet minister felt compelled to defend her government’s policy on raw milk. Continue reading


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