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“The Atlantic” on the raw milk debate

On the top of this post it says about the author of this article, that “Barry Estabrook is a former contributing editor at Gourmet magazine. His work on a dairy farm and fishing boat taught him that writing about food was easier than producing it.” That may be, but what I remember Barry Estabrook from is Harrowsmith magazine, where he was a regular contributor in the late 1970s. Here’s an excerpt from a piece he recently published in “The Atlantic” on our favourite topic, raw milk:

Photo from the Atlantic article, credited to kthread/Flickr

“A week or so ago I drank a cold, refreshing glass of a liquid the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says is “inherently dangerous” and “should not be consumed by anyone at any time for any purpose.”

We’re not talking about kerosene, or even the hard cider I brew in the basement, but milk. More precisely, raw milk. Continue reading


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