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A tale of two American dairy farms

The latest reflections from America’s foremost raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert, from his The Complete Patient blog:

Feedlot dairy cattle in New England. Photo via Complete Patient blog

“….One thing that struck me, which was a little different than what impressed Kim Hartke, was how non-political Scott was in giving his one-hour or so farm tour. There was no belly-aching, as one might have expected, given that Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has come down so hard on him. No pot shots that would have been easy–“Here is the milk parlor DATCP has such problems with. Does it look like a problem to you?” (For Scott’s description of his political challenges, see his blog.) Continue reading


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The Canadian revolution — owning the podium on agricultural renewal — seeds

Thanks to Jim Scott at Salt Spring News for bringing this story to our attention. From Salt Spring Seeds — “Oh Canada, how can I grow for thee“:

Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds -- outstanding in his field! Salt Spring Seeds picture.

“There’s a revolution that is happening in Canada. Not many people know about it yet but a lot of people are part of it. Continue reading

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