The Canadian revolution — owning the podium on agricultural renewal — seeds

Thanks to Jim Scott at Salt Spring News for bringing this story to our attention. From Salt Spring Seeds — “Oh Canada, how can I grow for thee“:

Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds -- outstanding in his field! Salt Spring Seeds picture.

“There’s a revolution that is happening in Canada. Not many people know about it yet but a lot of people are part of it.

Dan Jason -- Salt Spring Seeds picture

The revolution is about as basic as you can get. It has to do with the way we grow and eat food and take care of ourselves. It has to do with the way we nourish and sustain ourselves as a nation.

The 2010 Olympics brought out a lot of pride and passion in Canadians, including myself. The Olympics got me thinking that Canada should be going for the gold in agriculture as well as in sports.

My intention in this article is to talk about some big steps that are already being taken in the direction of self-reliance and sustainability and to encourage you to join the team. I think that there is a real possibility that Canada one day soon will “own the podium” atop all other countries for best agricultural practices.

There’s nary a word about this enthusiastic collaboration in the media. Nevertheless, it is happening in cities and towns across the country and it is growing so quickly that it’s likely already spread to your very own neighbourhood. This movement is uniquely Canadian and multicultural. It is about as grass roots as you can get. There is no one leading it or funding it or trying to make money from it.

It’s only in the past few years that this big change is gathering momentum. We’ve been bedazzled and boondoggled by industrial agriculture to the point that we’ve missed the most important work of all: keeping the “True North strong and free”….”

“….A Canadian Social Movement

I’m in a unique position to talk about the revolution in food growing that’s happening in Canada because, for 25 years, I’ve been promoting a safe and sustainable agriculture through my seed company, Salt Spring Seeds. I am also President of the Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada (, a non-profit society that’s worked since 2003 to preserve, enhance and proliferate our heritage food and medicinal crops.

People phone and email me daily about the sheds or garages they are converting into greenhouses and about lawns they are digging up so they can grow food. Churches, societies and charitable foundations ask me for donations of seeds so they can plant community and allotment gardens. People forward me news from their towns or cities about how they are connecting people looking for land or garden space with people who have it to offer.

Initiatives to further local growing and eating are germinating everywhere across our vast land. Community Shared Agriculture Programs (CSA’s) and Box Programs, in which people pay local farmers up front for future food harvests, are making it easier for farmers to plan their season. Vibrant Farmers” Markets are also strengthening the connection between consumers and farmers.

This new surge in growing food is definitely a response to an increasingly obvious need to address food security, an issue that is mostly ignored by our federal and provincial governments. However, most new gardeners quickly get absorbed by the positive and joyful aspects of gardening and don’t think of what they are doing as being political….”

Read the whole story on Salt Spring Seeds.

Salt Spring News compilation that includes reference to this article

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One response to “The Canadian revolution — owning the podium on agricultural renewal — seeds

  1. two thoughts jump out ; first, re
    There is no one leading it or funding it or trying to make money from it.
    The usurers know very well that they are only parasites on society via imaginary credit they extend and interest they extract. the engine of us producing true foods for ourselves, is unused capacity being unlimbered … not by intermediaries spreading so-called “money” all around. At the root of the opposition to the Campaign for REAL MILK are the banksters
    second : white people have been so bamboozled for two generations that we won’t do the stoop labour to feed ourselves. The fun and goodwill of pioneering only lasts so long … people who actually do the work need to get paid properly = equivalent to the kind of incomes their customers take in. You have to pay for what you get

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