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The FDA shows its hand in FTCLDF suit

Latest analysis of the American scene from David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog. An excerpt:

“…..The FDA even suggests that it is being benevolent by not banning raw milk entirely, pointing out that the 1987 court decision that led it to implement a ban on interstate shipment and sale of raw milk asserted “that ‘it is within HHS’s authority…to institute an intrastate ban as well’… FDA could have…prohibited intrastate sales but concluded ‘that State and local authorities may be better situated to deal with the public health problems attributable to unpasteurized milk.’” Thank you, thank you, most wonderful FDA.

The brief is most notable for its view of the evolution of food safety regulations, and the emerging issue of food rights. In the FDA’s view, an assortment of court decisions backing up federal legislation give it pretty much carte blanche to decide what food is safe. Continue reading


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Sally Fallon at Wise Traditions U.K.

Kimberly Hartke has a report and videos from Sally Fallon’s talk at Wise Traditions U.K.:

Click picture to go to Kimberly Hartke's post about the conference

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