Dr. Mercola and Mark McAfee talk about raw milk emerging triumphant after many decades of demonization

Here’s a brief excerpt from an epic interview with Mark McAfee on Dr. Mercola’s site:

“…Should Humans Drink Cow’s Milk?

Some people believe that cow’s milk is food for calves only, and should not be consumed by humans to begin with.

However, this may be too simplified a view. As McAfee explains:

“Cows have four stomachs, so they can eat grass… They are literally that animal between us and the sun. They are solar sun convertors. They take sunshine expressed as grass on the ground (because the grass obviously grows when the sun hits the ground and [with] water the grass grows).

We can’t eat the grass but the cow can eat the grass, and then we can eat what the cow provides… [which] is very, very nutrient dense and very digestible by humans.”

I believe that’s an important point, and it’s an area of nutrition that few pay any attention to — the area of biophotons.

But biophoton research explains the underlying principles of why it’s so vital to eat a diet of mostly RAW food, including raw milk.

As you know, without the sun it is virtually impossible for most life forms to exist. For example, we now know that without appropriate sun exposure, you will become deficient in vitamin D, which will have very far ranging consequences for your health.

Vitamin D influences at least 2,000-3,000 genes (that we know of), and without sufficient amounts of vitamin D, your body becomes susceptible to a staggering amount of diseases. But you can absorb sun energy via your food as well as through your skin (although this should not be confused with being able to alter your vitamin D status).

Every living organism emits biophotons or low-level luminescence, and the higher the level of light a cell emits, the greater its vitality and the potential for the transfer of that energy to the individual who eats it.

Hence, the more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-ripened fruits, are rich in light energy.

The capacity to store biophotons is therefore a measure of the quality of your food, and a very strong reason for making sure milk producing cows are allowed to forage for the healthiest, freshest grasses….”

Read the whole thing on Dr. Mercola’s site (may require free signup)

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