Autism, raw milk and forced vaccination

Here’s an excerpt from Augie’s latest opinion piece on the subject:

“There is a link between autism and raw milk . . . taken with forced vaccination. It is the same type of people behind crème cartel, the monopoly milk machine, as the poisoned needles.

The debate over the health benefits of raw, farm-fresh, unprocessed whole milk has long been settled. Likewise, the controversy of the health effects caused by factory processed milk from concentrated animal feeding operations, together with the chemical additives, is beginning to escalate. Nearly every known disorder and disease can be linked to or made worse from drinking the denatured product from supermarkets; the same disorders that can be relieved, at least in part, by its natural counterpart.

But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as myriad sister agencies in the government/corporate partnerships are making a lot of noise over God-given milk from small farms. They are doing all they can to shut the mouths of the doctors, nutritionists and moms who claim so many health benefits from the illegal moo-shine—while in Europe and the world over—it is the health drink of choice.

This became abundantly clear this week when the government/corporate bedfellows exposed some skin through joint news releases and statements coming from Washington, DC—just as the Wisconsin governor was being pressured to veto the bill to make real milk “legal” in America’s Dairyland. In one release, it was stated twice about the concern over the risk to children’s health in farm families that drink their milk. (Will the raw milk war become a children’s rights issue now? After all, any good politician needs to save the children and grandchildren.)…”

Read the whole thing here.

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