What some farmers feed to dairy cows

Apparently pastries are fed to cows on some farms in America. Let them eat cake, indeed!

As reported on Facebook by “Are You Kidding Me”: “The dairy farmer, Laurie Kyle, who wrote a letter to Governor Doyle to veto the raw milk bill because supposedly her son got sick from drinking their milk raw, feeds their cows cookies with m&m’s! This is her blog.”

Above is a (slightly adjusted) screen capture from Laurie Kyle’s blog. Governor Doyle is from Wisconsin. See story about him vetoing a raw milk a few posts down on The Bovine. Go to Laurie Kyle’s blog and read the comments on this post. I don’t think anybody would take issue with feeding this sort of thing to cattle if you were planning to pasteurize the milk. It’s only an issue if you expect to safely be able to drink the milk raw.

Here’s the link to that source on Facebook (you may need to sign in to see it)


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11 responses to “What some farmers feed to dairy cows

  1. Janeen

    well, It’s almost good that she was ignorant enough to put a picture like that on there – now we can understand where she’s coming from on their raw milk making her kid sick! No doubt, the whole family and the cows would be a welcoming mat for pathogens!

    • wisconsin girl


      wow! before you make such ignorant comments you may want to at least do some reading on animal nutrition.

      • Janeen

        Oh?? did your animal nutrition class teach that bakery waste was healthy food for cows??

        Don’t you think the story and picture just might have been posted on here to make an example of what is WRONG with “industrial food production????

        I don’t take much stock in what I learned at Ag College – other than a good understanding of the the words “conventional” and “industry”
        and definitely wouldn’t buy raw milk from that paradigm!

        I do however, respect the opinions of Tim Wightman, Micheal Schmidt, Mark McAfee, David Gumpert, Ron Schmid, Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon, Blair McMorran, and many others that know that the healthiest/safest raw milk comes from healthy cows that that are GRASS-FED on not just any wore-out pasture but on lush, highly mineralized, sweet grass! Safe handling of course is always good.

        Do you think THESE people need to study nutrition too?

        Take a look at the tab “PASTEUR” on this blog. The “terrain” applies to everything – the soil, the grass, the animals, the people – well nourished “life” does not make a welcome host for pathogens, period!

  2. Cheryl Hadden

    Ahhh, they are pulling out the big guns, we must be doing something right!
    We have them running scared. They are so happy that Wisconsin banned raw milk, it gives them hope.

    We have to go the next step, pull out all the stops and make it a political issue for the ballot nationwide.
    We have to stop playing nice and fight like our lives depended on it, cause it does.
    Here are some of the sites and things they are saying.
    They’ve changed tactics now, trying to morph into a force to be reckoned with.

    ” Milk and milk products provide a wealth of nutrition benefits. But raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to you and your family. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800 people in the United States have gotten sick from drinking raw milk or eating cheese made from raw milk since 1998. ”





  3. deen

    Most are ignorant about what they are feeding the animals and themselves.
    Please listen to this interview and share it.

  4. Me

    Ooops! I just posted the link on the Wisconsin Armi page, then scrolled down and saw you already had! It just occurred to me to put it on there. I’m kinda slow…hehe.


  5. Why don’t you comment on my blog instead of taking it off my blog and using it for your criticism board! Have you visited a dairy farm before or are you getting all of your misinformation from a bogus site? Dairy farmers work very hard each and every day and most intelligent Americans don’t have this type of narrow-minded, paranoid attitude. The truth about what the stewards of the land do everyday, which includes my husband and I will always prevail because we live it. You can only pretend to know anything at all about dairy farming. It takes hard work and determination and you don’t seem to have any original ideas of your own on this blog! Thanks for finding me and helping me to understand that I need to work harder to educate the American people. Obviously I have made a fanastic choice being a dairy farmer and a nutritional advisor. Laurie Kyle

  6. thebovine

    Laurie, I’m sure that your family works very hard farming as you do. I have personally visited a number of dairy farms and I’ve even worked on a conventional dairy farm that shipped milk for pasteurization.

    But some people want to farm the raw milk way and I feel it’s important there there be freedom for that to happen. That’s what this blog is about.

    The thought of you guys feeding pastries to cows is pretty funny because many raw milk fans understand that cows — with their complicated four part stomachs — were made to eat grass and hay, and when you start feeding them things they weren’t designed to digest, you’re asking for trouble.

    But hey, they’re your cows, and if you’re pasteurizing the milk, I guess you can get away with it.

    But tell me, does your family drink your cows’ milk raw? Many conventional farmers do that. And the raw milk movement is made up of lots of non-farmers who would like to do that as well.

  7. If you look closely at that picture on her blog ~ her daughter is wearing a Monsanto jacket. That tells the whole story right there. Her “nutrition” guy (whoever is in charge of feeding her cows) has actually sent me an email stating that the “nurtirents in jelly doughnuts” are needed blah blah blah ~ I can’t remember the rest of the wording, but I was struck by the fact that he put nurtrients and jelly doughnuts in the same sentence.
    This whole farm is a joke. They are Big Ag & USDA rubes.

    • Janeen

      I Just WASTED 15 minutes reading her older blog posts – you had the only comments I saw (which I totally agreed with) Monsanto and the drug companies either PAY her or, more likely, just take advantage of her “puppet-ness” for free. She believes anything THEY tell her – I could hardly believe there’s someone out there actually trying to make people believe that it’s all for about “healthy animals” and ” keeping the customers in mind” – she wouldn’t have the foggiest sniff who her customers even are!! They sure don’t know her – if they did read that blog, they wouldn’t be customers very long!

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