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Chilliwack Times reports on Alice Jongerden’s recent visit to Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms

Here’s further evidence that B.C. media continue to take a keen interest in all things raw milk. The following is an excerpt from a story in today’s Chilliwack Times by Paul Henderson:

Alice Jongerden (right) on the Schmidt farm

“Chilliwack dairy farmer Alice Jongerden made a recent trip to the raw milk mecca of Durham, Ont. where farmer Michael Schmidt operates Glencolton Farms.

Jongerden runs Home on the Range, a raw milk dairy in Chilliwack that has received significant attention in recent months as health authorities attempt to shut it down.

Jongerden made the trip to Schmidt’s 150-cow operation to see how his cowshare co-operative works. Continue reading

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American cooperatives side with big dairy, give farmers an ultimatum, stop selling raw milk or stop selling to us

Is raw milk a threat to big business and big dairy coops? Photo of raw milk bottle label from "the internet".

From this latest update on the American raw milk scene from David E. Gumpert of the Complete Patient blog, it’s evident that even farmer cooperatives are emulating big dairy in their push to squelch the growing competition from raw milk’ market ascendancy. But will their fears turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy as they give farmers currently selling a little raw milk on the side an ultimatum to “get big or get out”. I suspect that will lead to a lot of farmers choosing to expand their raw milk operation to where it sustains the farm, rather than to kowtow to companies pushing a product that fewer and fewer consumers want to buy. And now, that excerpt from The Complete Patient: Continue reading

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