Undercover agents used in sting action against Missouri raw milk farm family

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Nutrition:

Picture from dairy page of the farm's website

“A family who owns and operates a small farm and natural food ministry offers farm, fresh milk (raw) to their customers now face 180 days in jail and stand to lose their farm. It is called Bechard Family Farm and they raise turkeys, pork, beef, chickens, eggs and make soap.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department in Springfield, Missouri, says the Bechard teenage daughters sold their undercover agents two gallons of raw milk at one of the customer delivery points . The health department employees did not identity themselves. The father, Armand Bechard, who was not there at the time is being charged because he is the producer of the milk. Both the City and State are suing him.

Friday (June 4, 2010), the local trial is being held and many in Missouri and around the U.S. are watching. As many as 100 folks–perhaps many more– are showing up for the court and rally in support of the Bechards. There were 60 at the previous hearing as reported in the Journal back in March. The Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) and its Missouri ARMi division started a Fundraiser today to help with the mounting legal expenses. (Armand was badly injured last week when a car fell on him: he was under the car when the jack failed. He is expected to be in good enough shape to stand trial.)

The State also is also suing Armand for the same offense and the Attorney General has been busy mounting up for the case. The AG is representing the State Milk Board. The Supervisor at the health department has been recently appointed as Chairman of the Milk Board. The State is seeking to prevent the Bechards from using a central distribution point to sell raw milk to customers who pay in advance, while the city is suing because they did not have a food service permit for what is defined as a “food establishment”—but they will not give them a permit….

Read the whole story on the Journal of Natural Food and Nutrition


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6 responses to “Undercover agents used in sting action against Missouri raw milk farm family

  1. thebovine

    Come support the Bechards. Court is this Friday June 4th 9am, Springfield Municipal Courthouse, 625 North Benton Avenue

  2. ned lud

    Where’s Moses when we need him?

    ‘Let my people go.’

    God is dead.

    • actually, no. The God of the Israelites – the God of American nation, namely Jesus Christ – promised that if we obey Him, he will bless us every which way. But if we break the marriage covenant He made at Sinai with our forefathers, He’ll turn each of the blessings in that bargain, into curses … and He’ll be zealous doing it. Read all about it in Deuteronomy 28 of the Bible
      this land of milk and honey was once ours, but is being taken from us because of our own sins.

  3. Francie

    I had just been reading where they’re trying to stop small farms and people from selling food and seeds.Now they’re actually sending undercover agents to catch farmers at little mom and pop stand?What is happening here,the food in our stores are killing people with ecoli and making us all sick?Children with cancer like never before,probably from the bug poison on the food and dirty water.They’re trying to pass a law to tax us for growing our own food,what are they going to do fly planes over our decks to see if we’re growing tomato plants?

  4. It’s very sad to see our freedoms and liberties taken away right down to the raw milk.

  5. Bechard Family Farm

    PLEASE NOTE: tomorrow’s June 4th hearing has been POSTPONED!!! They switched judges on us at the last minute without notifying us nor our attorney! When our attorney went to the courthouse yesterday, she found out they had replaced the original judge with one she feels is less favorable. Because they failed to notify anyone, she exercised our right to postpone until it could be with the original judge.

    As you know from watching Michael’s case, this case is is nowhere near over.

    P.S. The picture is our grandson when he was about 4 months old, being held up behind a dairy board with a cut-out for the face. How fun!

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