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Michael Schmidt revisits his former farm and cheese plant in Germany

Here is a brief account from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt from his recent trip to Germany:

In the cheese ripening caves at the old Michael Schmidt farm in Germany

I returned at the end of May to our family farm in southern Germany.  In 1978 at the age of 23 years we bought a run down dairy farm close to the border of Austria and Switzerland. The killing off of small dairy plants had taken its toll and the loss of basic skills became more and more apparent.

Without realizing at that time how progressive our decision would be  we started, in 1980, one of the first organic/ bio-dynamic cheese plants in Germany.

When we left Germany to move to Canada in 1983, we knew full well that we would have challenges to overcome. Continue reading


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When citizens no longer trust health authorities to act in the public interest

The latest from David E. Gumpert on the American raw milk situation:

“I saw where the Minneapolis Star Tribune was asking customers of Michael Hartmann’s raw dairy to call in so public health authorities could identify and question them about possible illnesses. The paper didn’t say how many had called, but I would be surprised if many volunteer for that particular brand of civic uprightness

They won’t, for the same reason Janeen Covlin decided to avoid the hospital emergency room and instead treat her 11-month-old’s possible pathogen with coloidal silver and other holistic remedies (described following my May 27 posting). She was afraid of consulting with medical authorities about the illness. She feared the treatments they might want to use, or perhaps even force her to use, and I presume she was also nervous about how the information about illness might be used in the future. Continue reading


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