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A Tale of Two Calves –The Taste Test

You may remember a few posts back, that the CAVA restaurant in Toronto was planning to host a taste test of Michael Schmidt’s “two calves”. Well, here’s a report of the results of that Taste Test, excerpted from the Food Network.ca blog, along with photos, some from that blog, and others courtesy of CAVA:

Notice the colour difference between liver from calf A (left) and liver from calf B (right) -- Can you guess which calf was raised on raw milk vs. pasteurized milk? Photo via Food Network.ca

“Truth be told, I get invited my share of dinners although not as many as you may think. At the beginning I would say yes to pretty much any event that would have me. But after learning the hard way (hello, fat pants), I’m a bit more discerning now about the events I attend. Plus, I have a little one at home, so the event has to pretty darn special to get me out of my fat pants AND away from my son. That’s a looooong winded way of saying I wouldn’t have missed A Tale of Two Calves dinner at Cava Restaurant Tuesday night for anything. Continue reading


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