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Tale of two calves is top story on Bovine

Only five days after being posted last Friday, Michael Schmidt’s report on his experiment raising two calves, one on raw milk and the other on pasteurized, has eclipsed all previous posts on the Bovine to become the most popular story of all time, with 7,700 hits as of this morning. Thanks to everyone who linked to it from Facebook and from their blogs!

Here's what the traffic graph for the Bovine looks like for the last couple of weeks, as of early Wednesday morning. The spikes on the right are from Michael's "Tale of Two Calves" story.

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Civil disobedience over raw milk — latest on the DATCP Wisconsin front

The conflict between raw milk farmers and consumers on the one-hand, and DATCP regulators on the other, seems to be intensifying in Wisconsin. Here’s the latest update from David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

“Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin dairyman who last week broke the seals placed on his raw dairy fridges and freezer by the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, this afternoon received a visit from two agency inspectors and a few sheriff’s deputies.

The agents requested a look at his store. He told them, no warrant, no look.

His expectation is that the agents will be back Wednesday or another day this week, this time armed with a search warrant. Continue reading


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