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Does the Crown’s appeal of the Michael Schmidt case make the Charter a joke

The following are excerpts from a recent post on the Bruce on the Bruce blog:


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Resilient communities as an answer to the “hollowing out” of the nation state?

The following is excerpted from a recent interview with author and futurist John Robb:

Author and futurist John Robb, photo from his blog

….Do you see a diminishing role for the state in large-scale governance? Does this compel communities to do it for themselves?

Yes, large scale governance is on the way out. Not only are nearly all governments financially insolvent, they can’t protect citizens from a global system that is running amok. As services and security begin to fade, local sources of order will emerge to fill the void. Hopefully, most people will opt to take control of this process by joining together with others to build resilient communities that can offer the independence, security, and prosperity that isn’t offered by the nation-state anymore. However, this is something you will have to build for yourself. Nobody is going to help you build it. Continue reading

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