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Is food already being used as a tool for social control in present-day America?

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story titled “Food Not Bombs: or, Free Bread and Soup is a National Threat“:

Image above from the "Food Not Bombs" website

“…The realization that I lived in a culture that locked up it’s food in order to force us to work was a brutal shock.  Come to think of it, it still is a brutal shock, because that’s one of those “hidden in plain sight” secrets that’s easy to forget for months at a time. Continue reading


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Families fight back against raw milk ban

Here’s the story, from KSPR news in Missouri:

“….More raw emotions over raw milk as the Christian County Health Department Board of Trustees votes to ban the distribution of the product at the county’s farmer’s markets.

Those who sell it say it isn’t right,and they are finding ways to circumvent the system- they claim- on behalf of their customers.

“The farmer’s market is one of our biggest outlets.”

Still is, even though technically, it’s not supposed to be. Continue reading

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