Families fight back against raw milk ban

Here’s the story, from KSPR news in Missouri:

“….More raw emotions over raw milk as the Christian County Health Department Board of Trustees votes to ban the distribution of the product at the county’s farmer’s markets.

Those who sell it say it isn’t right,and they are finding ways to circumvent the system- they claim- on behalf of their customers.

“The farmer’s market is one of our biggest outlets.”

Still is, even though technically, it’s not supposed to be.

The family behind Pasture Nectar Farm in Mount Vernon is circumventing a new ban on the distribution of raw milk at Christian County farmer’s markets.

“It’s very inconvenient for us,” says Kathy Vimont.

They’re not happy about it.

“We now have to bring the whole family to the market and split the family up. We also have to have two total set-ups- one for the beef at the market and one for the milk, wherever that’s being delivered,” Vimont continues.

Since the ban went into effect last week that second set-up is around in the corner from the county courthouse, on private property.

The local health department says that’s still illegal.

“Their interpretation of the law is different,” explains Karen Potter, the department’s administrator.

“It’s Missouri state statute 196.935,” says Vimont.

“That states it’s not legal to sell raw milk away from their farm,” interprets Potter.

“It states a person can purchase and have delivered, for his or her own use, raw milk or cream from a farm,” counters Vimont.

The current attorney general sides with Christian County, still-

“It’s really a freedom issue- it’s a food issue. Anyone who eats needs to be outraged about this,” Vimont says….”

Read the whole think at KSPR news.

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