“Baby I Like it Raw” — Mark McAfee

Here’s a link to a 50 minute video of farmer Mark McAfee, from Sickly Cat.com:

One of America's leader raw milk proponents, Mark McAfee in a 50 minute video. Click on image.

“Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures an organic dairy farm, sat down with Qiana and John Calvin Byrd to talk raw milk.  In this podcast, Mark demystifies the history of raw milk and discusses the health benefits the FDA denies.  He also explains the difference between pastured and grain fed cows and discusses the dangers of Soy Milk.

Listen in on this extremely informative discussion that just may change the way you look at the FDA & food production in the US.

This interview is 50 minutes of vital information….”

The original post on Sickly Cat.com

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