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Anti-raw-milk propaganda reaches new level of sophistication in Slate.com story

In a piece worthy of a PR firm like Hill and Knowlton, this latest informational offensive from defenders of pasteurization aims to paint raw milk enthusiasts as cultist and unscientific. Here’s an excerpt from the story “Dairy Cult” as carried in Friday’s National Post. The story is credited to Deborah Blum, of Slate.com:

In February, 1907, a New York physician discovered that his longtime dairy supplier had switched to pasteurized milk. He so detested the practice — not to mention the taste — that, as he wrote to the New York Times, he would rather “run the risk of typhoid, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and tuberculosis rather than [endure] the evils that I believe would follow the systematic and prolonged use of pasteurized milk.” Continue reading


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