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Don’t like what’s going on in politics? Get in there and change it yourself!

Michael Schmidt is only doing what more of us really should be doing when we see that the folks in power are clearly not serving the public interest. American raw milk author David E. Gumpert reads the tea leaves on what’s behind Michael Schmidt’s foray into the political arena. Here be excerpts from “The Unspoken Political Message Being Sent By Michael Schmidt’s Run for Political Office”:

In a preliminary event to his current run for office--his appearance in the legal case against his distribution of raw milk--Michael Schmidt faced the Canadian media last January. Photo via The Complete Patient blog

“Michael Schmidt is approaching his run for the Ontario parliament with all the high ideals you would expect. He’s launched a blog to communicate his ideas and, not surprisingly, he is cynical about much of today’s politics, not only in Canada, but in the U.S. and elsewhere. Continue reading

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Land patents being tested in court case

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story in Niagara This Week.com regarding the case of archery range operator Bob Mackie’s ongoing fight with the Niagara Escarpment Commission, which is telling him he has to close his archery range. Now this is not directly related to raw milk, but it is interesting as a case of possible governmental trespass on property rights involving land patents. Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Mackie vows to keep on fighting. The Ontario Landowners Association held its quarterly meeting at a fundraiser for Bob Mackie on July 21, with members of the executive voicing their support for Mackie in his continuing fight to keep his archery business open. OLA members (from left) Michael Schmidt, Mark Tijssen, Bob Mackie, Deborah Madill, Mike Westley-Carlton, Jack MacLaren and David Guergis all attended the event. Steve Henschel/Niagara This Week staff photo

“…..Mackie vows to keep his range, Mackie’s Mountain Archery, open and plans to appeal a decision made last Thursday in provincial offences court in Welland by justice of the peace Mary Shelley. In fact, Mackie would like to take his case to the Supreme Court if he is able to continue to afford the legal fees to do so. Continue reading


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Promoting the original raw milk source

Curiously, in this public service announcement to promote breastfeeding, they don’t even mention the “raw is healthier” factor, but hey, isn’t that one reason why it’s important to breastfeed your baby:


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