Lawyer Bill Marler tells National Public Radio “Raw milk not necessarily safer”

Here’s an excerpt from that interview, from the Marler Blog:

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“Bill Marler is a Seattle-based lawyer who specializes in cases of food-borne illness. He’s also the founder of a nonprofit consulting firm that teaches food companies how to make their food safer. He doesn’t blame raw foodists for wanting natural foods, but he disagrees that they’re safer.

The bugs that exist today aren’t the same as they were 50 years ago, he says. “It’s a different world, and you have to pay attention, especially for young children.”

E. coli, salmonella and listeria are all fecal bacteria. “It’s very difficult to create a sanitary environment when cows don’t wear diapers,” Marler says. It’s harder still to produce raw milk safely at the volume that retail stores demand.

“It’s not something you can see, taste or smell,” he adds. “There’s very little margin of error for these bugs.”

If people want to consume raw milk, Marler says, they need to purchase it directly from the farm. “They need to go and look that farmer directly in the eye. They need to see the facility — and it also needs to be regulated by state and local authorities.”…”

Listen to the whole interview on the Marler Blog.

Bill Marler is an attorney specializing in food poisoning cases. He’s been involved in a number of high profile cases in the United States involving raw milk.


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3 responses to “Lawyer Bill Marler tells National Public Radio “Raw milk not necessarily safer”

  1. Mr Marler is coming around. Through this controversy he’s been educated to understand what Justice of the Peace Kowarski learned from the expert witnesses in the Michael Schmidt trial : that there are two streams of raw milk. One destined for the commercial market, which certainly does need to be cooked to make it safe for the public. The other, intended from the start to be consumed as-is, UN processed, is qualitatively different.
    If a lawyer can figure out what farmers know innately, even the bureaucrats will get it, eventually

  2. I agree with this post, We need to be careful what we eat, specially when companies are mass producing food like they are today.

    Its to hard to make sure the conditions are always maintain at these large companies. Its the reason we are looking into buying from local farmers.

  3. emmalina73

    That is the point, we shouldn’t be buying all our food from large scale producers. Buying raw forces a level of engagement and responsibility that is essential in all consumer decisions. Right there he has proved the case for buying direct and buying raw : )

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