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How the history of urban agriculture could inspire future urban growers

Tom Philpott looks at the history and the future of urban agriculture on Grist.org. The following is an excerpt from that story:

The main building of the groundbreaking urban farm Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wis. Photo: Organic Nation via Flickr, via Grist.org

“Few things scream ‘Hipster’ like an apartment garden.” Thus spake the New York City music magazine Death + Taxes, and it’s easy to see why. In trendy neighborhoods from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to San Francisco’s Mission district, urban youth are nurturing vegetables in window sills, fire escapes, and roofs. Down on the street, they tend flourishing garden plots, often including chickens and bees. Even Grist has launched a comic strip (left) devoted to the exploits of urban-hipster homesteaders. Continue reading

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