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Margaret Atwood thinks we should “Save Our [Canada’s] Prison Farms”

Many intelligent and aware Canadians are concerned about our government’s decision to close Canada’s prison farms. Here’s an excerpt from Margaret Atwood’s speech on the subject, from a rally in Kingston on June 6, 2010. Photos and text are excerpted from Margaret’s blog:

Citizens protest the plan to close Canada's prison farms. Photos via Margaret Atwood's "The Year of the Flood" blog.

Introduction from Margaret Atwoods “The Year of the Flood” blog: On the way back from Ottawa and the Writers’ Union AGM, I stopped in Kingston, where the Save Our Prison Farms organization was having a rally, a march, and a spot of peaceful civil disobedience, as a protest against the Federal Government’s secretive, blinkered, ideological, and weird decision to shut down all of Canada’s prison farms – that help feed prisoners, that provide training, and especially that allow prisoners to learn how to work with other beings and with other human beings. As Sister Pauline Lally said, why “correct” something that is already working? Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt explains “why politics” and “why with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives”

This is a self-interview with the well-known Ontario raw milk advocate and farmer Michael Schmidt, who is running for the PC-nomination in the riding of Grey Bruce Owen Sound. This interview is “reprinted” from Michael Schmidt’s political blog where it is titled “Waking Up…..NOW”:

Michael Schmidt talks to a Sun Media reporter after one of his many Queen's Park news conferences

MS: Michael let me ask you first of all; why are you even considering going into politics? Continue reading


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Ontario prison farm supporters losing hope after 15 arrested in Kingston

From a report dated Aug 9, 2010, from the CTV news website:

Click on image above to go to CTV.ca site to view video of protest

“Protesters aiming to save prison farms say they’re losing hope after about 15 people were arrested Monday morning during a demonstration at a federal lockup in Kingston, Ont. Continue reading

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Michigan residents can now legally sell prepared foods they have made at home

As of last month, Michigan home bakers needing to make a little more money in the current economic crunch have reason to cheer up. That’s according to this story from the Freep.com:

“Are family and friends who have tasted your raspberry jam always asking when you are going to make some more?

You might want to consider selling your homemade goods for profit.

This afternoon, Gov. Jennifer Granholm is to sign into law two cottage food operation bills that will allow individuals to make or package certain foods in their kitchens instead of having to use a commercial food operation as they do now. Continue reading


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