Michigan residents can now legally sell prepared foods they have made at home

As of last month, Michigan home bakers needing to make a little more money in the current economic crunch have reason to cheer up. That’s according to this story from the Freep.com:

“Are family and friends who have tasted your raspberry jam always asking when you are going to make some more?

You might want to consider selling your homemade goods for profit.

This afternoon, Gov. Jennifer Granholm is to sign into law two cottage food operation bills that will allow individuals to make or package certain foods in their kitchens instead of having to use a commercial food operation as they do now.

Baked goods, jam and jellies, candy, vinegar, dried fruit, herbs and mixes made in your kitchen could all be sold publicly provided they are properly labeled to reflect that they are homemade and identify all ingredients under guidelines provided by the state.

The new measures will allow people to sell their goods publicly at farmers markets, roadside stands, county fairs, flea markets and festivals without a state Department of Agriculture license. An individual residence could make up to $15,000 gross annually from such sales, which could help some families with good bakers and cooks make ends meet or spur the creation of entrepreneurs.

Granholm is to sign the bills during a ceremony at 12:45 p.m. today at the Growing Hope Center in Ypsilanti, spokeswoman Liz Boyd said. They will take effect immediately.

“The legislation will promote the production and sale of Michigan-made food products and promote Michigan agriculture,” she said. “It will be a boost to small- and medium-size farms, farmers markets and entrepreneurs throughout the state.”

Foods Include Jams And Candy

Claire Urban wants to supplement her family’s income and she knows how to do it — by baking cookies and pies.

Two bills that Granholm will sign into law today may make that possible for the Richmond resident. The measures deal with cottage food operations, allowing residents to make and package certain foods in home kitchens — rather than commercial settings — and without a license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture, provided the items sold are properly labeled.

The foods include homemade baked goods, jams, jellies, candy, vinegar and dried fruit, herbs and mixes. They can be sold to consumers at farmers markets, roadside stands, county fairs, festivals and flea markets….”

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2 responses to “Michigan residents can now legally sell prepared foods they have made at home

  1. downriver legal eye

    Well, it’s about time we set home bakers free!
    This has been a long time coming.

  2. Arlene Rowe

    What about a home made fresh salsa?

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