Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt explains “why politics” and “why with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives”

This is a self-interview with the well-known Ontario raw milk advocate and farmer Michael Schmidt, who is running for the PC-nomination in the riding of Grey Bruce Owen Sound. This interview is “reprinted” from Michael Schmidt’s political blog where it is titled “Waking Up…..NOW”:

Michael Schmidt talks to a Sun Media reporter after one of his many Queen's Park news conferences

MS: Michael let me ask you first of all; why are you even considering going into politics?

Michael: The question I like to ask: why not? We have currently a very strange political climate, which thrives and lives on the apathy of the general public. People are fed up with everything that is going on at Queens Park and just shrug their shoulders. People have become cynical, people do not believe anymore that change can come from politicians, so they do not vote and do not want to get involved in the political process.

The options they think are limited to protesting or lobbying may be letter writing or getting angry at your MPP, who will tell you that there is nothing he can do. The current system is a self-propelling downward spiral. Why?? Because we let the politicians and bureaucrats get away with dismantling our fundamental rights.

That has to stop now, not in five years.

Either we get involved or waive our rights.

MS: Many people are asking why you would get involved in the Ontario PC party, knowing what Mike Harris did to Ontario or Harper is doing currently to Canada.

Michael: This is very good; people need to ask these questions. I am glad that there are some heated discussions going on. This fact alone is reason enough to rock the boat; at least people start wondering and get upset or begin to ask questions. The Progressive Conservative Party or any other Party is only as good or as bad as its members or the elected caucus. Pre-judging individuals by their affiliation is in my opinion a big mistake.

The integrity of the individual is what counts. It makes absolutely no sense to just vote for a party, where as a result the elected members have no understanding of what it means to uphold the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Bill of Right, where the elected members have no interest to protect the individual freedom of all against the self-serving interest of today’s bureaucracy and corporate control.

MS: You have been accused of prostituting yourself and you have been accused of being a turncoat by joining the PC Party. Why are you exposing yourself to such harsh criticism?

Michael: Indeed it is sometimes frustrating how narrow some people look at issues and judge you without the relevant information or even trying to understand the reasoning. I do enjoy challenges and I like constructive debates.

I myself also had to overcome reservations being part of the PC Party.

The PC Party is  the only Party willing to debate property rights, de-regulation and less Government. That’s a good start.

As society we are on a very dangerous path because too many people are at sleep or do not care anymore who gets elected. We have a major problem if people do not care anymore about politics, or do not care who gets elected.

If I can add some fire to the discussion at least people will hopefully start thinking about their responsibility to be involved in the process.

MS: Are you Conservative?

Michael: I am a Progressive Conservative in the truest sense of the word; conserving nature, conserving values, conserving basic rights, conserving the art of dialogue and debate.I am progressive because I have a vision for the future, a vision how we can return to basic core values, a vision how we can de-regulate, a vision how to return more responsibility and freedom to the individual.

My political view has changed in the last 30 years because of my own experience and some drastic reality checks.

MS: Please explain.

Michael: Social policies and environmental policies all come with a huge price tag attached. WE have all these “feel good initiatives” like the Niagara Escarpment Commission, which “enforces” the protection of the Niagara Escarpment, we have the Conservation Authorities which “enforces” wetland protection, and we have Children’s aid society, which “protects” children. These agencies have almost un-controlled policing powers and can and will impose randomly regulations on you with utmost disregard for your fundamental rights. They will drag you to court, they will confiscate your land, and they will confiscate your children. You the citizen is always the one, who is guilty until proven not guilty.

The current disregard for protecting the rights of the individual is scary.

MS: What is your solution to solve environmental problems?

Michael: You have the choice to create either a system, where you regulate or you create an environment where you encourage responsibility.<

Regulations do not create responsibility. Regulations create fear and resentment. Creating the environment for people to encourage responsible living, responsible farming, and responsible building is much more effective than a regulatory dictatorship.

The Green Party seems to neglect this factor and puts importance of the environment before the protection of individual freedom.

We absolutely cannot afford more regulations and more policing agencies.

Applying common law in the courts is sufficient enough to deal with any damages.

MS: What about social policies?

Michael: I would ask: What about social responsibility?

If society knows that Government will take care of those, who need help, people become oblivious to social needs. People will shrug off any responsibility for those who are in need.

The current system of entitlement has created a clear division amongst people with different social status and also created insensitivity for each others needs because we have mandated the state to take care of the needy.

For example the current health care system creates individual irresponsibility and is a wonderful cash cow for the pharma industry.

We in Ontario are broke; we cannot keep supporting a growing self serving public sector.

WE need to return back to basics,

WE need to return to individual responsibility, WE need to move towards a return to the protection of individual liberties.

MS: Any other comments you want to make?

Michael: Yes. The current nomination procedure is in fact more crucial than the actual election. The biggest mistake people make is to assume that they can make the decision during the election. They do not realize, that they have to be involved also in the current nomination process in order to ensure that their candidate gets nominated they want to vote for.

Please call (519) 369-7520 to get the information how to be part of the nomination. Do not sit back and expect things to happen just like that.

It needs personal engagement IF you want change.

It is up to the people who they choose. Either they are part of the process or the candidate is chosen by default. If that happens, you have waived your right to complain.

MS: Thank you for your time Michael.

Once again, here’s the link to Michael Schmidt’s political blog.


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2 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt explains “why politics” and “why with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives”

  1. Level Headed

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.”
    Thomas Jefferson, letter to Colonel Charles Yancey (6 January 1816)

    “Government, in the last analysis, is organized opinion. Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government, which sooner or later becomes autocratic government.”
    Former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Message of the Carillon (1927)

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