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“Moo Shine” and raw milk temperance

Excerpted from “the ARMi posts” blog, of the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale:

Picture via ARMi blog.

“Revered by some as “natures perfect food,” and yet demonized by others as “deadly poison,” milk, one of the most innocuous liquids known to man, is now the subject of possibly the biggest food fight of its kind. Mild mannered farmers coming to words with government agents, food safety attorneys, and irate consumers while “big dairy” farmers manipulate legislators and lobby for legislation that weighs heavily in their favor. So, what’s all the hullaballoo?

Like moonshine in the US Prohibition Era, raw milk is being targeted as unhealthy and dangerous, but unlike moonshine, raw milk that is produced following strict code of cleanliness and correct nutrition for the animals producing it, is safe. Even for babies. In the absence of mother’s milk, raw milk can be combined with other ingredients to make a baby formula that helps babies thrive, and meets the nutritional needs of babies much better than powdered or canned baby formula can. Also, unlike alcohol prohibition, today’s heavy regulation and bans on raw milk seem to be spurred more by big agriculture and the dairy industry to suppress unwanted competition, rather than a genuine desire to protect public health by a nanny state run amok. Continue reading


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Raw milk is super dangerous! — says Health Canada

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story that appeared in The Western Standard.ca on August 11, 2010:

Your tax dollars at work!

“Eager to keep us safe, Health Canada issued a press release to remind us that drinking raw milk is really dangerous, and we shouldn’t do it. In fact, don’t eat anything that hasn’t been processed, pasteurized, or bleached. If you want to avoid getting sick, eat at McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s, and only eat there if the person behind the counter is wearing plastic gloves, and the items are separately packaged.

If you’re concerned about obesity, then eat the kinds of fruits that come in their own little shells, like bananas or oranges. Apples should be washed prodigiously as they may contain traces of stuff-that-ain’t-good. Continue reading

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One-cow raw dairy targeted for “regulation” in Massachusetts

Here’s an excerpt from a recent sobering post from David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

Brigitte Ruthman at her Joshua's Farm. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“Lots of raw milk drinkers I meet when I’m out speaking before various food and green organizations about the ever-increasing intensity of the crackdown on raw milk and nutrient-dense foods tell me, “Well, if it gets real bad, I can always go out and buy my own cow or goat.” It that’s your fall-back strategy, the story I’m about to tell about the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture’s renewed crackdown on raw milk may make you squirm just a little. Continue reading

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“Belle de Jersey” is an award-winning cheese from Quebec — and it’s made from raw milk (of course)

Sue Riedl writes up a new cheese from Quebec, said to be made from raw Jersey milk. Excerpted from The Globe and Mail.com:

"Belle de Jour" and "Belle de Jersey". Surely those who named this cheese can't have been unaware of this cultural resonance. Perhaps they'd like to imply that this raw milk cheese is a little bit naughty -- like the Catherine Deneuve character who worked as a prostitute during the day (in the movie), just for kicks. Sounds like clever marketing to me. Photo at right is from Susan Riedl's Globe and Mail article.

“Quebec’s Belle de Jersey cheese is named in honour of one of the Jersey cows whose milk is used in its production. Known as “Miss Personality” of the herd, Belle (the cow) has been a frequent award winner in agricultural competitions including the Royal Winter Fair. Following the fortune of its namesake, Belle de Jersey, a soft, washed-rind cheese made from raw Jersey milk, has already won silver at the 2009 International Jersey Cheese Awards and this year was thrust onto international palates when it was served as part of the Canadian cheese plate at the G20 summit. Impressive for a fromagerie that only began making cheese in 2007. Continue reading

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