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Center for Disease Control (CDC) stats on raw milk illness called into question

An excerpt from the latest investigative reporting by David E. Gumpert, America’s leading raw milk journalist, from his “The Complete Patient” blog:

CDC crest image via Bill Marler's "Food Poison" blog

“We’ve seen a steady stream of articles about raw milk in the major media over the last few months. And many of them include some variation of this statement from the CDC about raw milk’s dangers, such as was contained in an article in The Economist:

“Public health advocates dispute the health benefits, though, and say that raw milk is inherently risky, especially for children, old people, and anybody with health problems. Between 1998 and 2008, according to the Centers for Disease Control, some 1,600 people became sick after drinking the stuff. Nearly 200 were hospitalised and two died…” Continue reading

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