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YES to raw milk in Humboldt County

Here’s an excerpt from the story in yesterday’s Times-Standard:

“The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will hear a presentation on letting local dairymen sell raw milk products to Humboldt consumers on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Citizens are requesting Ordinance 512.4 be rescinded. Please attend this meeting to show your support.

This ordinance does not stop anyone from consuming raw milk. The Public Health Department can do nothing about it. Anyone who owns a cow or is part owner can consume the milk from that animal under a legal contractual arrangement allowed in all 50 States. The disadvantage of a cow share program is the milk isn’t inspected.

Under current California law, raw milk is legal if the dairy is licensed and regularly inspected. Only two dairies meet these guidelines, Organic Pastures in Fresno and Claraville Farm in Paicines. Organic Pastures tests each batch of raw milk and no human pathogens have been found in 10 years. Claravale Dairy has been producing and selling raw milk since 1927 and not one test has shown a pathogen in 87 years. Continue reading

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“…all our eggs in one basket?” — REAL health dangers posed by industrial food

An excerpt from a recent thought-provoking article on The Ethicurean blog by Elanor, about industrial concentration vs local choice:

Data mining infographic from 2004 shows sector by sector concentration of ownership of the food industry -- via The Ethicurean blog. See the Ethicurean for a larger version of this image.

“On Friday, New York Times op-ed contributor Steven Budiansky challenged local food advocates to rethink their math, mainly about food miles. As it happens, I was already doing some food calculations that day — but not of the sort Budiansky discussed.

My numbers included the following: As of Friday, 450 million eggs originating from two Iowa egg operations — both of which buy feed and chicks from the same company — had been recalled from stores in 14 states for salmonella contamination. Continue reading

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