Playing chicken with the egg scare

Here’s an excerpt from Globe and Mail food reporter Jessica Leeder’s take on “Massive egg recall opens window on inhumane farming”:

What's it about, the chicken or the egg? Photo via Globe and

“If anyone stands to benefit from the most sweeping egg recall in America’s history, it is the chickens.

Animal-welfare advocates waging an ongoing war to free caged birds have seized on the U.S. recall of half a billion eggs over fears of salmonella contamination as evidence that common industrial egg-producing systems are not only inhumane, they pose a real threat to food safety.

“Confining birds to cages means increased salmonella infection in the birds, their eggs and the consumers of caged eggs,” the Humane Society of the United States wrote in a letter to egg farmers in Iowa, where the recalled eggs were produced. Their allegation comes as rights advocates appear to be gaining ground on factory farmers in the United States.

Earlier this month they successfully pressured egg farmers in Ohio, the second largest egg-producing state, to agree to a ban on the construction of new egg farms that pack birds into cages. Concessions based on welfare concerns have also been brokered with producers in Michigan and California, which will ban small chicken cages in 2015 as well as the sale of cage-produced eggs from out of state.

Canadian egg producers have smaller production systems than their U.S. counterparts and say they have thus far not been affected by the activists’ south-of-the-border success.

Still, it is unclear whether employing the food-safety argument will increase the lobby’s momentum….”

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4 responses to “Playing chicken with the egg scare

  1. thebovine

    Here we see how the egg scare is being used to sell government-mandated “food safety:

  2. Cheryl

    FrankenFish are coming to your store soon! Fabricated Salmon will be on sale as soon as the FDA finishes the farce with the “public hearings”. The only issue will be the FDA explaining why they are determined to approve of hiding the FrankenFish behind real Salmon, what we don’t know we won’t boycott, is the idea. It’s already a done deal, you can tell by the language used to describe the “public hearings”.
    It’s a dog and pony show put on by the FDA. It’s a lawyer’s party, a way to look like we had a say in this.
    We say no clones, no GMO, no GE foods!
    They say, we won’t require label on the foods so you can tell what is what, and then make up a rule that prevents them from calling for labels!
    Now the FrankenFish will be unlabeled and place among all the other Salmon, no one will be able to tell which natural and which is GE.
    The FDA should be renamed “WSS, We Say So” because they write rules to allow them to do whatever they want. They give themselves the authority and then write another rule to take that authority away!
    They have no labs for testing, no way to determine what is good or bad.
    They rely on information from the very industries they are supposed to regulate! No independent testing on food or drugs is allowed, but plenty of company based testing and data is used for all information and decisions. The FDA relies on the honesty and integrity of the companies that are being investigated, regulated and supposedly overseen by the FDA.
    The FDA has lost its collective mind, principles and integrity. The FDA has become worse than useless. They are only effective at preventing competition for the businesses that pay them to run interference. The FDA is known to only come down hard on businesses, or products that would directly compete with the businesses that the FDA supports and is supported by.
    Other than that, the pet businesses can kill, maim, and cause great bodily harm to people with impunity, no fear of being shut down.
    By the FDA’s own admission, “even if a drug is known to kill thousands but helps just one person, it will not be pulled from the market”.
    What kind of logic is this? It’s still used for AVANDIA today. It was used for VIOXX a few years ago. It’s the FDA’s way of protecting companies that pay for food and drug approval.
    But let a lone farmer in West Nowhereville be suspected of selling a pint of raw milk or almonds and the FDA’s hitman team is immediately on the case and quickly arresting the offending farmer.

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