Another media rant on how “Raw milk draws fans, despite being illegal to sell”

It’s pretty much the same old story we’ve heard a hundred times before. But it’s not going away. Time and again the media throw it up into the public’s face. No wonder raw milk is on a roll in America. Free publicity like you can’t believe.

You've gotta wonder what the government's repeated attempts to suppress raw milk does to people's attitudes towards their government. Photo by William J. Lizdas, captioned "Raw milk flows directly from the bulk tank to glass jars at the dairy farm of Kay and Wayne Craig."

Well sure they quote the government naysayers. But people are not stupid. I’ll bet fewer and fewer of them are still “drinking the kool aid”. Nope, they’ve switched — to raw milk!

This time our eternal story of raw milk’s popular appeal despite dire government warnings is by Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel. We found it at JSOnline, where it’s titled “Raw milk draws fans, despite being illegal to sell“:

“Some people drive a long way for a gallon of raw milk at Wayne Craig’s farm in New Holstein.

It’s one of a dozen or so dairy farms in the state openly providing unpasteurized milk to the public – a practice that regulators say is illegal and unsafe because the milk can carry pathogens capable of making someone very ill or even killing them.

Farmers, some of whom have been drinking raw milk themselves for generations, contend it’s safe. They also believe it’s legal to provide raw milk to the public on a limited scale.

Some of Craig’s customers have fond memories of growing up on a farm and getting their milk fresh from the cow’s udder.

Others, for health reasons, are trying to eliminate processed foods from their diets.

Either way, business is good as more consumers seek alternatives to the milk sold in grocery stores.

Linda Conroy, owner of a Sheboygan herbs business, says she believes raw milk has given her more energy.

“I have never been sick from it,” she said. “In fact, just the opposite is true. My health is a lot better.”

State law says farmers cannot sell or give away raw milk, but they can consume it themselves from cows they own. To satisfy demand from would-be customers, some farmers sell shares in their dairy herd and then provide raw milk to shareholders for a handling fee.

The Craig farm has had 1,000 members in an association it formed to supply raw milk – although not all of the members have been active at the same time.

Besides raw milk, people come to the farm’s store for organic beef and poultry.

“They’re trying to get back to natural, unprocessed food for the health benefits,” Wayne Craig said.

State regulators have known for years that some farms provide raw milk to the public. They contend it’s illegal and strongly oppose such sales. But with few exceptions, the state has not cracked down on a practice that’s minuscule compared with the rest of the state’s dairy industry.

“It’s under investigation right now,” said Tom Leitzke, state Bureau of Food and Safety Inspection director.

How dangerous is milk straight from the farm with no pasteurization?…”

Read the whole story at JS

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One response to “Another media rant on how “Raw milk draws fans, despite being illegal to sell”

  1. nedlud

    Seriously, I think it is THE regulators who are illegal and usafe and who carry pathogens (are pathogens) and are therefore capable of making someone very ill or even killing them.

    Seriously. They have made me very ill, along with destroying our family ‘organic’ dairy farm.

    And so they have destroyed us along with thousands and thousands of other family dairy farms. We used to have small to medium sized dairies functioning beautifully all over this area of Minnesota, say 30-40-50 years ago. Back then we did it (farmed) ecologically, because even the more ignorant and careless farmers who dairied had to have hay and pasture for their cows and so much of the land was in grass. Now that same rolling to hilly land is in row crops and GMO row crops at that. Destroying recklessly the fertility and tilth of the soil and destroying our health.

    So I mean, duh. As in D-U-H.

    Did I say, duh? ??


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