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Nutraloaf — cruel and unusual dinner?

Yet another assault on the essential needs of human beings — excerpted from a post on the Boing Boing blog:

Perhaps only the "space food" eaten by astronauts could be less appealing. Photo via Boing Boing

“Act up in prison and you’ll lose precious privileges … like food you actually want to eat. Continue reading

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Shareholders demand Kellogg label and remove GMO ingredients from products

Concerned citizens are once again taking matters into their own hands and using direct action to effect corporate change. This story is excerpted from organic consumers.org:

Battle Creek, MI — “Why should Kellogg shareholders take a bullet forMonsanto?” asks Michael Passoff, of the As You Sow Foundation. The foundation is part of a shareholder group that has filed a resolutionchallenging the company over its use of genetically engineered foods.

The resolution, which will be voted on Friday, asks the company to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their products until long term testing has proven them safe. It also proposes an interim step of labeling products that contain these ingredients. Continue reading


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