Factory farming and sewage sludge use on farmland blamed for death of lakes

Who says investigative journalism is dead? This report by David Michael, from Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Healing shows that concerned individuals are still out there, digging the dirt on matters of public concern. Here’s an excerpt from David’s report:

“Human illnesses and animal deaths have occurred recently from neurotoxins secreted by a heavy slime of blue and green algae floating on Ohio’s largest lake—Grand Lake St. Mary’s (Grand Lake) in Auglaize County. This is a lake that has been deteriorat ing for decades, but especially so in the past 10 years as factory farms have sprung up all over the area, and more are being built.

A high concentration of factory farms and the application of composted manure from CAFO (confined animal feeding operations) manure and sewage treat ment sludge (humanure, now called biosolids—a mix ture of concentrated human excrement and industrial discharges) is spreading toxic and infectious sub stances on farm lands close by and in the water shed.  CAFOs in the water shed area account for 3 million chickens; while sewage sludge spreading is permitted on 8800 Ohio farmlands—several close to the edge of Grand Lake.

Pollutants discharging into the lake also include fertilizer runoff (phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen (PKN) as well as some pesticides and herbicides—as is commonly known. But there is far more to the story, including heavy metals (like lead, arsenic and chromium), pharmaceuti­cals, neurotox ins, cancer-causers, viruses, bacteria—and just about every known chemical (60,000 some) known to man and being placed on the farmlands.

EPA and state offi cials know about this—as does USDA, and their part ners in the big food and big agriculture corporations. Yet the smaller farmers are being accused for causing the mess, and homeown ers too—while the CAFOs and spreading of sludge are being expanded rapidly though state and federally funded “green” programs and contracted out to a few individuals.

This and other similar situations occurring all around the US are coming to a head and, in sum, may be a far greater impact than the BP Gulf oil spill for several reasons.  BP was an accident, Grand Lake is completely predictable and inexcusable: the State of Ohio should have known bet­ter. BP’s appears to have been absorbed and evaporated by naturally means and the response effort.  Grand Lake and other waters are worsening. BP was natural, light oil crude but the pollu­tant inflows into Grand Lake are oxygen-feeding phosphates from fertilizers and runoff and most likely thou sands of chemicals and biological agents.  Although the jury is still out, the BP spill appears to have resolved itself, Grand Lake will take years to stop the inflow and reverse the damage.  The polluted farm lands may never be recovered with out being excavated….”

Read the whole story on Journal of Natural Food and Healing.


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