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Miami Commissioner threatens jail for those who would feed homeless people

Thanks to Michael Schmidt for highlighting this story on his political blog. This is an excerpt from  the Food Freedom blog:

“By Meryl Williamson

Photo via Food Freedom blog

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has created regulations around giving food to the homeless that few could meet and that would apply a fine and imprisonment to anyone trying to do so in the old fashioned way: “Here is a little something to tide you over. We wish you the best.” Try to be generous again, and the fine goes up and the jail sentence gets longer.

Commissioner Sarnoff is using “food safety” as a cover for criminalizing donating food to the homeless.

The ordinance must be put in context, for Commissioner Sarnoff is not alone in what he is doing to shut down rights around food. The City of Orlando recentlywon an appeal in federal court allowing it to criminalize feeding groups of 25 or more homeless people. The Miami ordinance goes further, banning all free food distribution without a government license. Continue reading

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The Scientific American toes the party line with story about raw milk titled — “Got E-coli?…”

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

UNSAFE OR THE REAL DEAL?: Raw milk has a loyal following, but the unpasteurized product is also linked to illnesses contracted from bacteria that may lurk in milk that comes straight from a cow or goat. IMAGE COURTESY OF CHIOT'S RUN, VIA FLICKR.COM (via Scientific American)

“…..No Germs, Less Taste
It seems like some new technology might have come along by now, an alternative to HTST pasteurization, that would make milk safe without delivering what some people think is an inferior product with less taste and nutrition. Yet, few alternatives have emerged since the days of Pasteur, according to University of Minnesota (U.M.) associate professor of veterinary public health, 
Jeff Bender. Each of the available alternatives has a downside: For example, some believe that low-temperature pasteurization (also known as batch processing) yields a tastier product. This process heats the milk up to a minimum temperature of 62 degrees C where it remains for 30 minutes, thereby taking longer than standard HTST pasteurization. Continue reading

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Raw milk drinker sets record straight

Excerpts from a recent letter to the editor of the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“I was tempted to respond to Jim Algie’s article on March 3 to set the record straight on the history of pasteurization and the lop-sided treatment of Michael Schmidt.

Inwardly I was reminded that the whole Michael Schmidt/raw milk fiasco is so blatantly political that I refrained from writing yet another letter.

Now I’ve changed my mind. Your Forum page (March 24) includes a letter from Albert Sandik of Desboro. I can no longer refrain from responding to such erroneous conclusions by both Messrs. Algie and Sandik.

They are both victims of propaganda and political jargon! Please consider these comments to also respond to those of you who have written emotional letters defaming Mr. Schmidt and raw milk in general . . . to all of you who have paid little regard to the facts. Continue reading

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African farmland “grabbed” for biofuels

An excerpt from a recent story in The Guardian, a U.K. online newspaper:

Friends of the Earth says that biofuel crops, including sugar cane, 'are competing directly with food crops for fertile land'. Photograph: Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters

“European Union countries must drop their biofuels targets or else risk plunging more Africans into hunger and raising carbon emissions, according to Friends of the Earth (FoE).

In a campaign launching today, the charity accuses European companies of land-grabbing throughout Africa to grow biofuel crops that directly compete with food crops. Biofuel companies counter that they consult with local governments, bring investment and jobs, and often produce fuels for the local market. Continue reading

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