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B.C. raw milk farmer Alice Jongerden facing contempt of court charges for allegedly contravening a court order

This just in from Gordon Watson in British Columbia:

Below is a message explaining a bit about our Agister facing a charge of contempt of Court, purportedly for breaking the Order prohibiting her from packaging/distributing raw milk for human consumption.

As of last Monday,  Fraser Health Authority notified farmer Alice Jongerden that it has taken the next step in the raw milk controversy. It will apply to have her found in contempt of court by breaching the Order of Madame Justice Gropper, which was made March 18th 2010 = file 124618 New Westminster Registry Supreme Court of BC.

The hearing is set for 10 am September 14th 2010 in New Westminster legal counsel for Fraser Health Authority is Guy McDannold of Staples McDannold Stewart, in Victoria Alice Jongerden is conferring with me, and raw milk dairy farmer Michael Schmidt in Ontario, and others, about defending herself. For over 3 years, Alice Jongerden (doing business as Home on the Range) has served us very well. She hasn’t missed a day delivering our private property to us. Continue reading


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MILK WAR trailer now on YouTube

For further details see our earlier post on this upcoming movie, which debuts in Toronto September 19th, 2010.

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Reflections on “The High Cost of Eggs”

From a post on Nicholas Kristof’s “On the Ground” blog, in The New York Times:

Eggs at the Portland Market. Photo via Kimberly Hartke's blog, by Kthread on Flickr, CC license

“…As a kid who grew up on a farm and was very active in the FFA [Future Farmers of America], let me say right off the bat that the problem isn’t the typical farmers. It’s these industrial operations that turn farms into meat factories. For example, United Egg Producers (the egg lobby) says that there are now a dozen companies with more than 5 million laying hens. Those are to the family farm what Wal-Mart is to a Mom-and-Pop store. This kind of intensive concentration is also harmful for rural America, creating a kind of modern feudalism (small number of rich proprietors and large number of much poorer workers) that are the end of small town America….” Continue reading


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Fallout from the Rawsome raid in L.A. — building code “safety” infractions and Missouri cheesemaker shut down, while Iowa egg recaller continues to ship eggs

Excerpt from the latest David E. Gumpert posts on The Complete Patient blog:

Coming soon to a Rawsome near you?

“James Stewart, manager of Rawsome Foods in Los Angeles’ Venice district, has been having a nightmare–“that they’ll come and bulldoze this property.”

“This property” consists of one forty-foot and two twenty-foot shipping containers that have been refurbished into a funky food distribution center used by the 1,500 members of Rawesome, which is a private food club. Continue reading


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First medical marijuana commercial

Medical marijuana is interesting to watch for its similarities to raw milk. Both commodities are widely used and widely supplied from underground sources. Both are legal in some states. And in the case of both raw milk and marijuana, the widespread public perception is that “the law is an ass” for prohibiting people’s chosen substance and wasting increasingly scarce public funds trying in vain to stamp out something that just won’t be stamped out.

“The first ever television broadcast of a commercial advertising medical marijuana aired in California this week. Sacramento’s FOX affiliate KTXL “FOX40” played the thirty-second ad that features testimonials from customers of Sacramento-based medical marijuana distributor “CannaCare.” Interestingly, the ad never mentions the “m” word (not munchies), instead only referring to the drug as cannabis.” (from Alltop) Continue reading

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