First medical marijuana commercial

Medical marijuana is interesting to watch for its similarities to raw milk. Both commodities are widely used and widely supplied from underground sources. Both are legal in some states. And in the case of both raw milk and marijuana, the widespread public perception is that “the law is an ass” for prohibiting people’s chosen substance and wasting increasingly scarce public funds trying in vain to stamp out something that just won’t be stamped out.

“The first ever television broadcast of a commercial advertising medical marijuana aired in California this week. Sacramento’s FOX affiliate KTXL “FOX40” played the thirty-second ad that features testimonials from customers of Sacramento-based medical marijuana distributor “CannaCare.” Interestingly, the ad never mentions the “m” word (not munchies), instead only referring to the drug as cannabis.” (from Alltop)

And from the report in Time magazine:

“…Cannabis, now legal for medical use by prescription in 14 states, is used as an alternative to pain killers and because advertisement of prescription drugs is entirely legal, it could be tough for naysayers to push for the regulation of the broadcasts. It’s unlikely that legislation prohibiting just cannabis commercials would manifest out of objections to the ads without effecting marketing for all prescription drugs, a trend we saw lead by products like Viagra, America’s ‘Vitamin V’ famously endorsed by U.S. Senator Bob Dole in the late 1990s….”

Read the rest of the Time magazine article here.

Thanks to Karen Selick for the news tip!

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