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The trouble with factory farmed milk

Excerpted from the Allergy Kids foundation website where it’s titled “Got Milk? Read this before filling another bowl of cereal“:

Image via Allergy Kids website

“Did you know, in the United States, we produce more milk than we need? Our government purchases the surplus and provides the farmers with a subsidy, so that they can keep working hard to feed us.

Monsanto, an agricultural, chemical corporate giant, the pioneering force behind DDT, aspartame and Agent Orange is also the creator of Bovine Growth Hormone (a.k.a. rBGH or rBST). Monsanto is the creator and, up until they sold it as Posilac, they were the sole owner and had a monopoly on the drug. Continue reading


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What does a “really smart” person do in times like these? They take up farming!

This is an excerpt from a recent story by Ali on The Ethicurean website:

Michael Gallagher of Square Roots Farm.

“In every school, there is a legendary former student — the one whose academic prowess knew no bounds. “Brilliant,” people marvel about this student, even decades later. “That kid was brilliant.” (Or, here in New England, you might hear: “Wicked smaaaaaht.”)

At my daughter’s school, that individual is Michael Gallagher. A dozen years after he left campus, the rumors about him — that his math advanced four grade-levels in a matter of weeks, that he was earning As in calculus by fifth grade — still linger. Some of these rumors are flat-out myths (he didn’t take calculus until high school, sorry), but even the most level-headed agree that he was, in the words of one teacher, “an incredibly smart kid, a very deep thinker,” and — in the words of another — “one of the brightest math students to go through our doors in decades.” Later, Gallagher would graduate from the #1 ranked liberal arts college in the nation, just two courses shy of a triple major in math, Russian, and biology. (Alas, he took what he calls “the easy way,” settling simply for the Russian-biology double-major.) Continue reading


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