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Raw milk police — is resistance futile?

David E. Gumpert writes again for Grist.org. This piece is titled “Six things you should know before defying the real food police”:

Raw deal: Are you ready to go to jail for distributing unpasteurized milk? Photo courtesy of eqqman via Flickr

“Resistance has a glorified history in this country, beginning with the founding fathers, and extending to the labor and civil rights movements last century. We honor one of the resisters, Dr. Martin Luther King, with a national holiday.

The ranks of food resisters are now expanding rapidly. Driven by increasingly harsh crackdowns by local and federal agencies on small producers and distributors of unpasteurized (raw) milk and other nutrient-dense foods, growing numbers of individuals involved in this part of the food chain are publicly refusing to abide by government edicts and shutdown orders. Continue reading

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First we take the Progressive Conservative party nomination, then Tim Horton’s — raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on the campaign trail

Being a compendium of news and information from the Michael Schmidt campaign so far:

Michael Schmidt (right) with retiring Progressive Conservative incumbent Bill Murdoch, on the occasion of Michael interviewing Bill for a local radio program early in the campaign.

In case you’ve been living under a log these past few weeks, you may have missed the news that crusading raw milk advocate and career farmer Michael Schmidt is seeking the nomination to become the provincial Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound. Continue reading

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Raw milk in B.C. court September 14th

This just in from Alice Jongerden, who is the agister (farmer who looks after other people’s animals) at Home on the Range cowshare in Chilliwack, B.C.:

Prosecution of farmer for contempt of court

Four months after getting a Supreme Court Order that I “cease and desist packaging and distributing raw milk for human consumption” officials from Fraser Health Authority visited our farm to obtain evidence with which to charge me for breaching it. The trial for civil contempt of court is set for 10 am September 14th 2010 at the Law Courts in New Westminster BC. Guy McDannold of Staples McDannold Stewart will prosecute. File 124618 New West. Registry. Continue reading


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