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Michael Schmidt’s lawyer, Karen Selick, writes “Raw Milk May Be Healthier”

The following article by Canadian Constitution Foundation Litigation Director Karen Selick appears in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Vista magazine:

Lawyer Karen Selick with farmer Michael Schmidt, following the not-guilty verdict, January 2010

“Raw, unpasteurized milk is a hotly debated subject these days. Health authorities in Canada and in some US states insist it is dangerous — likely to be contaminated with salmonella or other toxic pathogens. Yet Dr. Joseph Mercola, publisher of a highly popular online natural health newsletter, insists that it’s the only kind of milk worth drinking.

In Canada, selling raw milk has been illegal for several decades. But you can legally drink it, provided you happen to own the cow that produced it. A recent study revealed that 88.7 percent of Canadian dairy farmers or their families do indeed consume their own cows’ milk raw. Continue reading

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Globe and Mail reports that cowshare members will now milk their own cows at “Home on the Range” dairy in B.C.

The Globe and Mail reports on Alice Jongerden’s raw milk court case in B.C. Here are some excerpts:

The farmer at the centre of the controversy, Alice Jongerden of Home on the Range Dairy, drinks raw milk inside the barn of her dairy farm. Photo by Brett Beadle for The Globe and Mail

“The B.C. Supreme Court has ordered a Chilliwack, B.C., farmer to stop distributing raw milk – but that hasn’t stanched the flow of the illicit liquid from the Home on the Range farm.

Alice Jongerden had been caring for and milking 20 Jersey cows for 400 cow-share co-op members, but Thursday is to be her last day tending the herd. Facing a possible contempt-of-court charge, she has decided to stop distributing raw milk, after a months-long battle with health authorities. Continue reading


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