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Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt to take over “Home on the Range” cowshare in British Columbia

This just in from Michael Schmidt at Glencolton Farms in Durham, Ontario:

Photo from Home on the Range cowshare from Brett Beadle for the Globe and Mail

Alice Jongerden from the Home on the Range cow-sharing syndicate has now officially resigned as of Thursday evening. [Alice was the agister (or proxy farmer) at Home on the Range.]

All responsibilities have been transferred to Michael Schmidt in Ontario. Michael Schmidt was acquitted of all 19 charges in the Ontario Court of Justice last January on the same charges. The Province is currently appealing the landmark-ruling of Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky. Continue reading


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When he’s feeling queasy, even David Gumpert wonders if it might have been the raw milk…

Here’s an excerpt from the latest musing by America’s foremost raw milk journalist — that’s David E. Gumpert, of the Complete Patient blog:

“I did a lot of traveling this past weekend–driving around Virginia on Friday and Saturday, and around northern New England on Sunday.

By Monday and Tuesday, my stomach was feeling kind of queasy. Uh-oh, I thought. I had had raw milk at three different places I visited over those three days. One of them had gotten me, I immediately theorized. John Sheehan of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was right–I had been playing Russian roulette, and finally pulled the trigger on a chamber with a bullet. Continue reading

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Globe and Mail reports on fallout from court ruling on B.C. cowshare dairy

An excerpt from Thursday’s Globe and Mail. Story by Shannon Moneo:

Alice Jongerden of Home on the Range pours raw milk. Brett Beadle photo for The Globe and Mail

“The B.C. Supreme Court has ordered a Chilliwack, B.C., farmer to stop distributing raw milk – but that hasn’t stanched the flow of the illicit liquid from the Home on the Range farm.

Alice Jongerden had been caring for and milking 20 Jersey cows for 400 cow-share co-op members, but Thursday is to be her last day tending the herd. Facing a possible contempt-of-court charge, she has decided to stop distributing raw milk, after a months-long battle with health authorities. Continue reading


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Valley Girls ask “Drink it or dump it?” when it comes to raw milk from controversial B.C. cowshare

From a report by Gayle Luymes in the “Valley Girls” section of “The Province”:

Alice Jongerden with some of the Home on the Range cows. Paul Henderson/Chilliwack Times photo

“Drink it or dump it?

The operator of a Chilliwack raw milk dairy is faced with a difficult choice after a court hearing earlier this week.

Alice Jongerden was in New Westminster court Tuesday to face a contempt of court charge over the continued distribution of raw milk by the Home on the Range dairy. Jongerden insists she hasn’t done anything wrong by milking cows and handing out the milk, despite a B.C. Supreme Court injunction banning its distribution. Continue reading

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Future of Home on the Range raw milk dairy in B.C. is now “up in the air”

Here’s an excerpt from a report by Paul Henderson, from the Chilliwack Times:

“Co-operative cow owners at Chilliwack raw milk dairy Home on the Range will have to step up to the udder and take care of their own milking thanks to a B.C. Supreme Court order issued Tuesday.

Alice Jongerden who operates as Home on the Range had been taking care of the 22 Jersey cows for 450 cowshare members between Chilliwack and Vancouver.

While it is legal for the owner of a cow to drink its milk, the distribution or sale of that milk is illegal. Continue reading

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Alice Jongerden resigns as agister of Home on the Range raw dairy in B.C.

An excerpt from a recent post on The Green Man blog (from the Vancouver Sun):

“Farmer Alice Jongerden has resigned as livestock manager of a cow-sharing syndicate that has been the subject of lengthy prosecution by the Fraser Health Authority for distributing raw milk.

Fraser Health has been trying to shut down Jongerden’s Home on the Range dairy for violating the Public Health Act, which forbids distribution of unpasteurized dairy products. The health authority issued a cease-and-desist order in 2008 and secured an injunction against the dairy from the B.C. Supreme Court last spring.

Jongerden continued to milk and care for 20 cows until she found herself in court again this week facing charges of contempt of court. Continue reading

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