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TIME magazine story gives raw milk a fair shake says WAPF’s Kimberly Hartke

From Kimberly’s latest blog post on the subject:

TIME's online teaser for their raw milk story.

“One of our Weston A. Price Foundation volunteer chapter leaders in New York, Angela Davis, and Stacey Ornstein of the Traditional Nutrition Guild referred Journalist Josh Ozersky to me a few weeks ago. Josh is the Taste of America columnist for TIME magazine, and he was working on a story on raw milk. Continue reading

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Two years, 1,279 posts, 400,000 hits

It’s time for another Bovine milestone post as we passed the 2 year mark earlier this month, and also crossed the 400,000 hit readership threshold.

Hits per day -- the peak at the right of the graph correlates with recent developments in B.C.

This is the 1,279th post so far on The Bovine. Stay tuned for still more exciting developments in the days and weeks to come. For instance, Michael Schmidt will be traveling to B.C. later this month to attend to Home on the Range matters.

And the latest word regarding the Province’s appeal of the January 2010 acquittal is that it will take place in February of 2011 — that’s according to Michael’s lawyer, Karen Selick.

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Alice Jongerden passes the baton to Michael Schmidt at Home on the Range cowshare raw dairy in Chilliwack, B.C.

Paul Henderson reports, in the Chilliwack Times, on the latest surprising development in the Home on the Range saga:

Alice Jongerden (right) with Michael Schmidt, Elise and their son, during a visit in May to Schmidt's Glencolton Farms in Durham, Ontario. Schmidt has now taken over operation of Jongerden's Home on the Range dairy in Chilliwack while Alice faces contempt of court charges brought by Fraser Health.

“Ontario dairy farmer Michel Schmidt has taken over Chilliwack’s Home on the Range raw milk dairy so the flow of milk can continue to hundreds of members of the co-operative.

Fraser Health has been trying to shut down Home on the Range for more than two years and on Tuesday succeeded in forcing the cowshare operator Alice Jongerden to officially resign as part of a court-ordered condition. Continue reading

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Author Pam Killeen’s new book on Addiction, and its relationship to diet

Pam Killeen has played an important role in the fight for raw milk legalization in Canada over the past few years.

That's Pam Killeen at the far right, sharing in an October 2008 news conference on raw milk at Queens Park in Toronto with Durham-area dairyman and raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt (left). And that's Sean McGivern, National Farmers Union Coordinator, in the middle.

Her latest book, on Addiction, has recently been published, and we’re pleased to present the following review by Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac., which Pam sent us:

“Once upon a time there was a poignant script for the popular television show Twilight Zone in which a man who could see finds himself in a land of the blind, and the consequences for him aren’t pretty. Those of us in the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (who daily face the frustrating blind ignorance of most treatment programs about nutrition) can sympathize to the depths of our souls. And when we find a fellow traveler on the road to wellness who understands nutrition’s role in addiction treatment it is time to cheer. Stand up, Alliance! It’s time to cheer! Continue reading

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