Author Pam Killeen’s new book on Addiction, and its relationship to diet

Pam Killeen has played an important role in the fight for raw milk legalization in Canada over the past few years.

That's Pam Killeen at the far right, sharing in an October 2008 news conference on raw milk at Queens Park in Toronto with Durham-area dairyman and raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt (left). And that's Sean McGivern, National Farmers Union Coordinator, in the middle.

Her latest book, on Addiction, has recently been published, and we’re pleased to present the following review by Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac., which Pam sent us:

“Once upon a time there was a poignant script for the popular television show Twilight Zone in which a man who could see finds himself in a land of the blind, and the consequences for him aren’t pretty. Those of us in the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (who daily face the frustrating blind ignorance of most treatment programs about nutrition) can sympathize to the depths of our souls. And when we find a fellow traveler on the road to wellness who understands nutrition’s role in addiction treatment it is time to cheer. Stand up, Alliance! It’s time to cheer!

Pam Killeen presents her paper on the history of raw milk, October 2008

Pam Killeen, a Canadian writer from London, Ontario, has just published a book born of and about us, The Alliance for Addiction Solutions! We as an organization figure prominently in her book, which is titled Addiction, The Hidden Epidemic, and subtitled Common Sense Solutions for Our #1 Health Problem. Interviews with individual Alliance members compose an entire section.  It was, in fact, our own founding member, Charles Gant, MD, PhD, whose lecture in Chicago a couple years ago inspired Pam to write the book. Then, soon after, she heard British physician and autism expert Natasha Campbell-McBride talking about the new generation of addicts we are creating by drugging our children and Killeen was hooked on the project. In addition to Gant on pharmaceuticals vs nutrients for brain repair and Campbell-McBride on kids, Killeen interviewed David Miller, PhD on “dry drunks” and diets for ADD, Joan Mathews-Larson proper testing and carbohydrate addiction, Julia Ross MFT on individualized aminos and symptom questionnaires, Stan Stokes on the many signs of neurotransmitter imbalance from earliest childhood, and myself on the link between criminal behavior and malnourishment.

Addiction covers other self-medicating behaviors, including Internet and shopping addictions as well as the unsatisfactory use of pharmaceuticals in a vain attempt to re-adjust unhappy brains. However, the majority of the book is focused on food, supplements, and the West’s perverse resistance to recognizing the many studies proving animal fats are an essential component of a healthy mind. Killeen is a devoted advocate of the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation and offers extensive discussion of Price and other nutrition pioneers living and dead.

This is the book to buy for Christmas presents for your teen relative who’s a budding social critic and toying with vegetarianism, your local talk show host whose searching for a meaty controversy to chew over on-air, that aunt who is on multiple meds and still feeling blue, and your physician if he or she is eager to have answers for patient questions about their cravings and moods.

Recently while publicizing the book Killeen was shouted down by belligerent vegans. Killeen herself was a vegan for 9 years, until she learned her lack of animal protein was contributing to debilitating chronic fatigue. She understands the fierceness of those whose lives are deficient in nutrients that nourish the brain. It was standing room only at her presentation when the vegans were, she reports, screaming at her. “The rest of the room was rolling their eyes and thinking to themselves these people obviously were not well,” she says. “They were inattentive, impulsive, and angry, the three symptoms of B-12 deficiency.”

Hopefully, many thousands of rational people will embrace the research and the stories Killeen respectfully offers them in Addiction, let go of their prejudices, and use what we in the Alliance know works to return an irritated mind back to civility and blind resistance to neuronutrition to enlightenment-at least about the healing power of nutrition.”

And now, here’s the official blurb about Pam Killeen’s new book on Addiction:

Finding Hope in the Miserable World of Addiction

New book discusses cutting-edge solutions for our addiction epidemic

Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic describes the reasons why we are seeing a growing problem in the area of mood disorders and addiction and what can be done to solve these issues. Through a series of expert interviews, author Pam Killeen discusses some effective cutting-edge, nutritionally based treatment protocols.  Experts also provide relevant information about various aspects of addiction including Internet and video game addiction, illegal drugs, and legal drugs (caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine and prescription medications).

It is a common belief that emotional stress can cause addiction. However, new testing procedures show that individuals who are struggling with addiction and mood disorders have very clear biochemical (physical) imbalances.  Once these biochemical imbalances are identified, individuals can be treated successfully using targeted dietary therapy.  Included in her nutritional information, Killeen describes the critical importance of animal fats on health and offers a historical take on their role in diet.  To help emphasize this point, she writes about the work of nutritional researchers Dr. Weston A. Price, Sir Robert McCarrison and Dr. William Stefansson.  As the book reveals, therapists who are using nutritional protocols, along with psycho-spiritual approaches, have much higher recovery rates than conventional treatment programs.

This book is a wake-up call, warning society that unless we learn about more successful recovery treatment strategies, we will continue to see skyrocketing rates of mood disorders and addiction for generations to come. Since current conventional therapies are ineffective and obsolete, the time has come to address the biochemical reasons behind addiction and integrate effective nutritional approaches into treatment programs.  This book is highly recommended for those who are suffering with mood disorders and/or addiction or with loved ones suffering with these problems. Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic offers a tremendous amount of helpful resources.  It also offers hope to those who would otherwise have none.  For more information on this book, visit or The book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Pam Killeen is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Great Bird Flu Hoax.  She has been independently studying nutrition and natural health for over twenty years.  Her interest in nutrition and natural health stems from overcoming a lengthy battle with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities.  She is a dynamic and diverse public speaker, educator and consultant, covering several different aspects of nutrition, health and the environment.

Killeen has been quoted by newspapers, including recent articles in the Toronto Star, Critic Warns of Water Hazards (March 21, 2007), and the Owen Sound Times, Supporters tour Schmidt farm on eve of pre-trial hearing (June 19, 2007).

To access her articles, TV or radio interviews, interested parties may visit her website,”

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