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“Milk War” movie debuts tonight 7:30 at the M.U.C.K. festival at the Royal Cinema, in Toronto — See you there!

To mark the occasion, here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the shooting of the movie:

Film crew on the blue bus with Michael Schmidt and cowshare member.

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B.C. crushes local food community

Hella D has a few choice things to say about recent developments in raw milk farming in B.C.:

Buying raw milk is a mundane, over the counter, affair in neighbouring Washington State, just a little south of Vancouver, which likes to promote itself as "the greenest city by 2020". Photo via Hella D.

“The past few days have been very disturbing, with a judge who is obviously in the pocket of the Milk Industry, refusing to even enter into a discourse about the situation of our local Community Supported Dairy. At the end of the trial he ordered our local Agister, Alice to stop milking our cows (poor cows) and she has been forced to resign as our Agister. Continue reading


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Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm “LIVE”

This is an excerpt from a recent guest post by Joseph Heckman, Ph.D., on Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

“Many folks have read about Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in The Omnivores Dilemma, Acres USAThe Stockman Grass Farmer or seen him in the movie Food, Inc. Listening to a recording of a favorite musician does not compare with a live concert experience.  Likewise, in the case of “rock stars” of sustainable grass based farming and traditional/local food systems, nothing recorded comes close to experiencing a live tour given by Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm. Continue reading

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Raw milk maverick Michael Schmidt and lunatic farmer Joel Salatin both to be in Vancouver on September 27th

That is, they’ll both be in Vancouver and environs. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Schmidt made a point of going to Joel Salatin’s lecture, titled “AN EVENING WITH A LUNATIC FARMER”, to be held in conjunction with UBC farm on Sept. 27 2010. Here’s the notice we received via our west coast correspondent:

In collaboration with UBC Farm, Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks is pleased to announce a fundraising evening with Joel Salatin, holistic farmer, author, educator and activist. On Polyface Farm in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Joel and his family nurture a non-industrial, food production oasis. Instead of conventional methods of farming the Salatins debunk all conventional food production with their refreshing paradigm that respects the natural physiology of animals, the land, the rhythms of nature and human connectedness to it all. Continue reading


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Want to help protect our constitutional freedoms?… Then roll up your sleeves — Michael Schmidt’s lawyer, Karen Selick

By Karen Selick, originally published in the Vancouver Sun:

Karen Selick (right) with farmer Michael Schmidt at an October 2008 news conference at Queen's Park in Toronto, Canada.

One year ago, I left my private law practice to become the litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Apart from using the same initials — CCF — my employer bears no resemblance to the defunct Western socialist political party of the 1930s.

The mission of today’s CCF is to protect various constitutional freedoms of Canadians, as well as the freedoms to earn a living and to own property. Part of my job is reviewing potential cases for CCF involvement. This makes me a lightning rod for complaints from disgruntled citizens.

Here are some trends I’ve observed during this first year on the job: Continue reading


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