B.C. crushes local food community

Hella D has a few choice things to say about recent developments in raw milk farming in B.C.:

Buying raw milk is a mundane, over the counter, affair in neighbouring Washington State, just a little south of Vancouver, which likes to promote itself as "the greenest city by 2020". Photo via Hella D.

“The past few days have been very disturbing, with a judge who is obviously in the pocket of the Milk Industry, refusing to even enter into a discourse about the situation of our local Community Supported Dairy. At the end of the trial he ordered our local Agister, Alice to stop milking our cows (poor cows) and she has been forced to resign as our Agister.

From Chilliwack Times:

Ontario dairy farmer Michel Schmidt has taken over Chilliwack’s Home on the Range raw milk dairy so the flow of milk can continue to hundreds of members of the co-operative.

Fraser Health has been trying to shut down Home on the Range for more than two years and on Tuesday succeeded in forcing the cowshare operator Alice Jongerden to officially resign as part of a court-ordered condition.

In a press release issued by Jongerden Friday morning, Schmidt says “We have reached the level of a new and powerful dictatorship called bureaucracy in the name of food safety, and in the favour of multinational corporations.”

The point that Michael Schmidt makes here is key. This isn’t really about health or food safety (Maple Leaf foods would have been shut down for causing 20 deaths if that was the case). It is about the monopoly that the milk industry wishes to maintain – as usual it is about greed.

A couple years ago Michael Schmidt faced the same charges in Ontario. In that case the judge was reasonable and overturned the order. The following video shows an interview with him after the trial. He makes some very good points, despite being exhausted from the trail. Please take a second to watch it to better understand the history and what is really behind these attacks on local, family run dairies in Canada.

Vancouver BC is currently promoting the “Greenest City by 2020″ initiative. The hypocracy here is blatantly obvious. With local small scale family farms being shut down for the interests of the big dairy industry, how can Vancouver think they will become the greenest city in the world? This demonstrates exactly how far from reality this goal is for Vancouver. As The Green Mama points out in her recent article What is White, Frothy, and Illegal to Sell in B.C.

Canada is the only G8 country where raw milk is outlawed. And after a decision in early 2010 legalizing raw milk cooperatives in Ontario, British Columbia is coming out as one of the most stridently anti-raw milk places in the world.

BC is not at the cutting edge of sustainable living but actually still in the dark ages of corporate monopoly, which is destroying our earth, our health and our freedoms.

This is an issue that even people who don’t eat dairy should be concerned about. If the Fraser Health authorities can remove our freedom to choose what we put in our bodies by starting with this raw milk issue, where will they stop? It’s that old familiar slippery slope…”

Read it all on Hella D’s Interzone blog.


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3 responses to “B.C. crushes local food community

  1. M. Walker

    Waky folks. This started during world war 1. How do you suppose they get thinking? people to walk straight into a gun and be shot.?/ Think about it. Our media, then and everything else now is completely orchestrated by the beaurocrats. They are nameless but all powerful. Canada had a chance to leave this power.
    Too late, they are members of the G7 and G8 and will never be allowed. So enmass we will be controlled and manipulated. The net is the last public stand and if you listen carefully in the name of good they are controlling the internet also. Soon in any name at all it will be controlled. Look at how we are controlled by fear of invasion. Our invasion is from within. Fear not without. Look back, way back for the solution. It will give you the path to follow. Or not., or continue to swallow the propoganda spewed over the air ways of life. God Bless us all Everyone!!

  2. We hope to see Canadians fight back!!

    Otherwise the only foods left will be Monsanto’s GM food.

    Good report–thank you.

  3. “If we can control fuel we can control the masses; if we can control food we can control individuals.” — Henry Kissinger.

    They’ve had that first bit (controlling the masses) locked up for some time now, so now they’re working on the last bit.

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