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Michael Schmidt dubbed “Canada’s Lone Ranger” for his rescue of B.C.’s Home on the Range raw milk cowshare

In today’s post on the Complete Patient blog, David E. Gumpert writes:

Hi-O Silver.... The Lone Ranger rides again!

“If you’re old enough to remember “The Lone Ranger”, you know he roamed America’s Wild West righting wrongs, sometimes firing silver bullets to make his points, and then riding off into the sunset with a hearty “Hi Yo Silver”.

Canada may have its version of The Lone Ranger in Michael Schmidt–the Bovine’s reported Friday that he is about to ride into the western province of British Columbia in an attempt to save the Home on the Range dairy from assault by its own government…”

“…He arranged with Jongerden to legally assume control of the herdshare last Thursday. “I took over the business operations. Everything is under my management,” including the six employees. “I am coordinating all distribution of the product.” Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt movie “MILK WAR” premiered last night at the Royal Cinema in Toronto — Yay raw milk!

Last night at the Royal -- Michael Schmidt, along with producer Declan O'Driscoll (left) and writer Kevin O'Keefe (right) responds to questions from the audience following the movie screening.

More than two hundred people turned up last night at a vintage cinema in downtown Toronto to share in the world premiere of “MILK WAR”, a fresh new documentary about raw milk in Canada and the Michael Schmidt story. Continue reading


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Tennessee farmer adapts to raw milk

All across America, dairy farmers are faced with economic challenges due to a wholesale price for milk that takes no account of their costs of operation. So what’s a farmer to do? This is an excerpt from the story of one farmer who was sufficiently in touch with the times. This farming family realized that you’ve got to give the people what they want — raw milk, from grass-fed animals. Tell me it’s not the way of the future — if dairy farming is to survive in corporate-dominated America. From the knoxnews.com website:

Marcie McBee stands in the milking parlor of the McBee Dairy Farm in Mascot, which offers a cow-sharing program for consumers who want to drink raw milk. Photo by J. Miles Cary

“A small but growing number of Tennesseans are drinking raw milk, straight from the cow and unpasteurized.

Some say it’s the elixir of good health. Health officials say it’s hazardous.

And raw dairy farmers? They’re just trying to make a living. Continue reading


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