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New Movie: “David vs Monsanto”

Democracy Now focuses on a new movie “David vs Monsanto”, which is about Canadian farmer and Right Livelihood award winner Percy Schmeiser and his struggle with American corporate giant, Monsanto:

Click on image to go to Democracy Now website to watch this video clip.

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Losing her raw milk virginity…

Foodie Fatale (aka Jocelyn Ruggiero) writes about “Her First Time” drinking raw milk:

Photo of the author by Gwen Lis

I knew I was ready, but I was trepidatious.
“Be Careful!” my mother warned me.
I anticipated and fantasized about what it would feel like.
I waited; I wanted it to be right.
And then I did it.

It was a sensual pleasure that Skim Plus could never match.

Raw milk is a transgressive liquid. The media coverage of the June police raid of Rawsome Foods in Venice, California  intensified the raw milk debate that has grown over the last several years (see David Gumpert’s book The Raw Milk Revolution). But although I spent my pregnancy scrupulously avoiding raw milk, I never did encounter it. Continue reading

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