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Genetic damage from eating junk food

Excerpted from Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Healing, from a story titled “Studies: Junk Food Causing Birth Defects“:

Photo via Journal of Natural Food and Healing

“A recent study out of Georgetown University Medical Center has concluded that what you eat can affect your children’s and grandchildren’s health, even if they eat healthy themselves. Sonia de Assis and her colleagues observed that rats fed Omega-6 fatty, unhealthy food pass on an increased cancer risk to their children and grandchildren. Omega-6 fats are found in cheap, industrial oils such as soy, vegetable and corn oil. Continue reading

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World TV premiere of new Michael Schmidt raw milk movie “Milk War” Sunday September 26th on ichannel

Here’s an excerpt from Rady Ananda, writing on the “Practical Populism” blog:

Michael Schmidt poses for a picture with the ichannel crowd last Sunday night following the theatrical premiere of "Milk War" at the Royal Cinema in downtown Toronto. The movie's TV premiere will follow this Sunday Sept. 26th. Left to right in the picture: Rosemary Fusza director of programming at ichannel, filmmakers Kevin O'Keefe and Declan O'Driscoll and farmer Michael Schmidt.

“Amid a resurgence in local food systems emerges Milk War, a documentary highlighting raw milk skirmishes that pit corporate-owned regulatory agencies against food freedom – the right to eat of the Earth without government interference. Milk War airs this Sunday in Canada on the ichannel at 8pm and 11pm Eastern. Continue reading


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One man stands up in U.S. Senate to block FDA food dictatorship bill S-510

The latest from David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

America is counting on Senator Tom Coburn. AP photo

“….Not surprisingly, the so-called food safety legislation has been revived by dealmakers in the U.S. Senate, and its fate is likely being decided as I write this. The Obama administration, having lost in its effort to change the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy on homosexuals, is desperate for a victory, any victory, so its allies have grasped for Senate bill 510. Fortunately, one senator has stood up to voice the deep concerns many food producers, farmers, and consumers concerned about food freedom have about this legislation. He is Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. The fact that he is also a physician gives him added credibility. Continue reading

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California wants to vaccinate everyone for whooping cough — this year’s H1N1?

Excerpted from Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Healing:

Mass vaccination slated for all Californians -- as if people needed another reason to move elsewhere! Photo via Campaign for Liberty website.

“Last week the State of California announced a whooping cough epidemic (pertussis is the formal name) and is now calling for vaccination of everyone statewide. Continue reading

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Monsanto paid Blackwater (Xe) to spy on anti-GMO activists — The Nation

Here’s an excerpt from the digitaljournal.com report:

As far as I can tell, this may be an actual promotional image used by Blackwater to attract potential customers (i.e. not a spoof). Image via revistu-amuata.org news website.

“….Blackwater is a private, mercenary army. They’ve been called the ‘shadow army,’ and most notoriously worked for the United States in Iraq, where the company courted controversy. Journalist Jeremy Scahill, who wrote a book about Blackwater, wrote an exclusive for The Nation, revealing general details of the extent of the Blackwater business operations. Scahill managed to obtain documents that, according to Scahill, show: Continue reading

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