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Raw deal for Canadian raw milk fans?

Here’s an excerpt from a story by Karen Selick, Litigation Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation in today’s Globe and Mail, titled “Raw Milk Fans are Getting a Raw Deal”. Karen is Michael Schmidt’s lawyer:

Raw milk builds strong bodies -- English Princes William and Harry, who reported drank raw milk at Eton.

“Queen Elizabeth drinks her milk raw. She reportedly thinks so highly of unpasteurized milk that, when her grandsons Princes William and Harry were students at Eton, she instructed herdsman Adrian Tomlinson to bottle up raw milk from her Windsor herd and deliver it to them at school.

Canadians, however, are not permitted to emulate their head of state. Raw milk cannot legally be sold in Canada, except into government-authorized “supply management” cartels, where it goes to be pasteurized. Only those who happen to own their own cow can legally consume raw milk. Continue reading


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Radio free raw milk — Michael Schmidt takes to the airwaves today to promote Sunday’s television debut of “Milk War”

A few of the radio stations on on-air personalities who'll be hearing about raw milk today.

Today, Michael Schmidt will be doing his own version of “Cross-Canada Checkup” as he talks to radio show hosts all the way from Montreal in the east, through Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver in the west. Hey, what about Toronto, guys, aren’t we important too? This media blitz has been arranged courtesy of David Todd, Marketing Coordinator at ichannel. Continue reading


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Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt’s B.C. move garners media interest

Blackburn Agri-Media reports on Michael Schmidt’s intervention in B.C.’s raw milk scene:

Michael Schmidt toasts his January 2010 acquittal. Photo via Agri-Media

“Michael Schmidt is taking his raw-milk battle to British Columbia.

Schmidt has taken over the operation of the Home On The Range cow-sharing syndicate in that province. Continue reading

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