Michael Schmidt to speak in B.C. Tues. Sept 28; CKNW radio interview report

Gordon Watson keeps us apprised of Michael Schmidt’s upcoming west-coast itinerary:

Christy Clark (pictured above) interviewed Michael Schmidt about raw milk Friday on her CKNW radio program in Vancouver.

Michael was interviewed, live on the Christy Clark radio show today, Friday, from 2 to 2:30 pm on CKNW 980. He gave a very good presentation for the Campaign for REAL MILK.  You can listen to it on the archive on CKNW’s website  www.cknw.com

Host Christie Clark said that when she lived on the Gulf Islands, she used to drink raw milk all the time. Her enthusiasm for raw milk to be legalized, was obvious. It is worth noting that she was an MLA in the Liberal government, and the deputy Premier of British Columbia.

Coupled with the exposure which CKNW’s Bill Good gave Organic Pastures’ Mark McAffee back in 2007,  this is a clear signal that the Powers-that-Be are ready to accomodate dairying for raw milk, if a face-saving way to do so can be found.

Michael Schmidt will be speaking in next Tuesday, September 28th  at 318 Keary Street in New Westminster: the Sapperton Pensioners’ Hall, from 7 to 10 pm

Keary Street crosses East Columbia Street in New. West., runs alongside the south side of Royal Columbian Hospital, down to the Sapperton Sky Train Station, about 200 yards away from the Pensioner’s Hall. Parking is quite hard to find close to the Hall … so go down East Columbia Street a bit.


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