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Candidate Michael Schmidt muses about political party culture and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives

In the latest post on his “Reflections of a candidate” blog, Michael Schmidt asks the question; “Progressive Conservative: a farce or a real mission”. Here’s an excerpt from that:

Michael Schmidt's campaign postcard to attract support for his candidacy for the PC nomination.

“To look at the current attitude of voters to any party- philosophy reminds me of theater at its best. The Purpose of Parties was originally used to pool similar ideas together and shape politics with a united vision, with a strong voice. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt, raw milk, men and women, at Ontario’s Glencolton Farms

Disclaimer — This report is not based on exhaustive anthropological fieldwork:

While Michael Schmidt has been the public figurehead in the legal battle over raw milk, a lot of the behind-the-scenes work at the farm is being done by women, many of whom are young apprentices.

Glencolton Farms is a place where men and women work together to create a healthy farm organism and to provide a source of nourishing raw milk for the many farm share holders who depend on it for their sustenance.  Continue reading

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Go to Globe and Mail.com Vote in poll

Thanks to Karen Selick, Litigation Direction of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and Michael Schmidt’s lawyer, for noticing this new Globe and Mail opinion poll on raw milk and bringing it to our attention;

Screen grab from Globe and Mail.com. Click on image to go to poll.

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Q: How is marijuana like raw milk? A: They’re both prohibited in Canada

Coming from a raw milk perspective, it’s interesting to follow the debate over the continued criminalization of marijuana usage. Here, for instance, is a story detailing the role of Canada’s Maclean’s magazine in the prohibition of marijuana in this country in the last century, titled “The Secret Shame of Macleans”:

Marc Emery, Canada's self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot", before his extradition to face charges south of the border. Photo via Abort Magazine.

“A couple of weeks ago I ordered a copy of Emily Murphy’s The Black Candle (1922), the notorious, influential book that first defined drugs as a social problem in Canada, introduced the public to their varieties and effects, and led directly to the addition of marijuana to the Restricted List in 1923.

I placed the order after reading the Sept. 3 Seattle Times op-ed by John McKay, the former U.S. attorney who (in connivance with our federal ministry) had Marc Emery extradited and jailed. McKay, forced out of his job because of political controversies and tergiversations you’d need a scorecard to comprehend, is now a professor of law. Continue reading

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“Milk War” documentary about raw milk and Michael Schmidt premiered last night 8 pm on ichannel television

Someday our children's children will look back on these days of raw milk prohibition and shake their heads. Other people will take for granted the freedom to drink raw milk or eat whatever they choose and naively imagine "twas ever thus". Picture by R. Crumb

As I said in my earlier review, “Milk War” is the most comprehensive documentary on the Michael Schmidt raw milk story I’ve seen yet. This is the second Michael Schmidt raw milk doc that’s made it to the festival circuit and to TV. Continue reading


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