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“Raw milk liberation front” acts locally to preserve food freedom in Maine

An excerpt from the latest Complete Patient post by David E. Gumpert:

“There’s an uprising brewing in Maine over food rights. Like in other parts of the country, it started with regulator interference in a traditional part of small-farm life.

Heather Retberg, who with her husband runs a small farm in the coastal communmity of Penobscott, had built up a nice little business selling chickens to neighbors. She slaughtered the chickens at a neighbor’s regulator-approved facility for producers of less than 1,000 chickens annually.

But then last year, the Maine Department of Agriculture suddenly changed the rules covering farmers with less than 1,000 chickens, requiring that each farm have its own facility. There was an outcry around the state, and eventually the legislature reinstated the 1,000-chicken exemption…but in implementing the exemption, the MDA kept key obstacles in effect.  Bottom line, Retberg was still prohibited from slaughtering the chickens at her neighbor’s and told she needed to construct her own $30,000 facility, or else have the chickens slaughtered at an approved facility many miles from her farm–all prohibitively expensive. Continue reading

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Cowshare College — for farmers who want to serve their country raw milk

Here’s the latest on Michael Schmidt’s Cowshare College. Perhaps you too would like to become a cow-share or farm-share farmer and serve your country raw milk.

After Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to his cowshare operation earlier this year, he responded to the intense interest from producers with the first Canadian Cowshare College in May.

Positive feedback and increased interest means we will be offering another Cowshare College Basics Workshop on Saturday, October 23rd from 9 am to 4:30 pm in Durham, ON.  Michael will lead the workshop and topics to be covered include the biology, safe production and handling of raw milk; the legal framework currently required for a cowshare program; and developing, maintaining and managing cowshare member relationships. Continue reading

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NEWS 1130 on “Raw milk giveaway”

From the website for NEWS 1130 radio in Chilliwack B.C. comes this report on Michael Schmidt’s raw milk giveaway outside the offices of Fraser Health:

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, cowshare member Rick Adam and former Home on the Range agister Alice Jongerden, outside Fraser Health in Chilliwack B.C. yesterday. Photo News 1130

“CHILLIWACK (NEWS1130) – There’s no sense crying over spilled milk, but putting up a fight over raw milk is another story. A feud has soured relations between a cow-milking operation in Chilliwack and the Fraser Health Authority. Continue reading


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“Dictatorship of Bureaucrats behind raw milk fight” says farmer Michael Schmidt

From the Burnaby News Leader/Chilliwack Progress story by Robert Freeman, published 2 pm yesterday:

Jon Los (right) drinks raw milk as Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden, both raw milk advocates, hold a demonstration outside the Fraser Health office on Menholm Road in Chilliwack on Tuesday morning. Photo Jenna Hauck/Chilliwack Progress

“Glasses of raw, unpasteurized milk were raised outside the Chilliwack health unit Tuesday in a “toast” to the Fraser Health Authority, which won a court order shutting down the co-op that produced the milk. Continue reading


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Vancouver Sun on Michael Schmidt’s raw milk “drink in” yesterday at Fraser Health office in Chilliwack, B.C.

Randy Shore reports for the Vancouver Sun on the latest raw milk action outside the offices of Fraser Health in Chilliwack on Tuesday September 28th. Here’s an excerpt:

Ontario dairy operator Michael Schmidt (left) shares a glass of unpasteurized milk with former Home on the Range dairy operator Alice Jongerden and cowshare member Rick Adam in front of Fraser Health. Photo: Paul Henderson, Chilliwack Times; Caption from the Vancouver Sun story.

“Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt is in B.C. to pick a fight over the legality of a unique Chilliwack dairy that distributes raw milk to families that own shares in their own cows. But so far, Fraser Health isn’t biting. Continue reading


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“Waiter, there’s soup in my bugs”

Jeff Gordinier writes, in the NY Times, about dining on insects: (after all, one can’t be banging on about raw milk ALL the time)

Illustration from the New York Times story

“SOMETHING happened when Kisha Moorehead looked into the bowl of live worms. Continue reading

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